Loves Park, Illinois
Hound Group

Dana ClineIn the late 1960's, Dana Cline's parents gave him his first Great Dane and from that moment he knew that he would have a lifetime of involvement with this breed and with dogs.

As a young child he exhibited in 4H, training in both obedience and conformation. He found the dog show world in his teenage years, spending nearly every weekend traveling to shows, helping professional handlers and handling dogs for friends with other breeds as well. While his main interest was always in Great Danes, he worked hard to learn about other breeds and to become more active in all breeds. All of his weekends spent at dogs shows eventually led him to a career as a professional handler, where he specialized in Danes and sight hounds, but also handling various other breeds along the way.

Breeding has always been a favorite aspect of this sport for Mr. Cline. He has bred nearly 80 champions in a number of breeds, primarily Great Danes, but also Borzoi, German Wirehaired Pointers, Miniature Bull Terriers and Beagles. He was a longtime member of the Great Dane Club of America.

He is licensed to judge the Hound and Sporting Groups, and various breeds within four of the other groups. He has judged in a number of foreign countries and at the Great Dane Club of America National Specialty, as well as many of the country's top shows.

Mr. Cline owns a grooming shop in Loves Park, IL and spends much of his spare time with his two Beagles and Miniature Bull Terrier. He also enjoys gardening, antiques, fishing and other water-related sports.

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