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Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show fans enjoyed the breed judging streaming videos on the Westminster website in huge numbers this year, with big increases across the board in every viewing category compared with the 2005 totals, the first year the club provided streaming video.

The largest increases for Westminster's 130th annual event came in the number of streams viewed, total visits, page views and total video specific data streamed. (Figures are for the month of February, although the majority of the numbers were produced beginning on February 13-14, the dates of the show.)

A threefold increase in total video specific data streamed produced a staggering number: 19.4 terabytes (a terabyte is 1,024 gigabytes). According to Wikipedia, all the books of the entire U.S. Library of Congress would take up 20 terabytes. This total compares with 6.5 terabytes in 2005. Adding all page views to that number, more than 23.7 terabytes were viewed on the Westminster web site.

A total of approximately 1.6 million streams (up 42% from last year) were viewed from the Westminster website ( Visitors logged 2.13 million visits (up 33%) and 14.7 million page views (up 8%).

First numbers are from 2006, numbers in parentheses are from 2005 (the first year of streaming video).
  • 877,852 unique visits (859,753). Increase of 2%
  • 2,132,454 total visits (1,603,606). Increase of 33%
  • 14,733,617 page views (13,671,397). Increase of 8%
  • 126,422,953 total hits (116,071,537). Increase of 9%
  • 1,596,808 video streams (1,126,097). Increase of 42%
  • 23.7 total terabytes of streams (6.5 TB). Increase of 264%
Akitas were the most-requested breed, with nearly 50,000 hits. Rounding out the top ten were Golden Retrievers, Australian Cattle Dogs, Airedales, American Eskimo Dogs, Affenpinschers, Brittanys, Afghan Hounds, Rottweilers and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Streaming video of the breed judging from both 2006 and 2005 are still available for viewing on the Westminster web site.

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