All entries for Best of Breed/Variety are limited to AKC Champions of Record or must have obtained its AKC Championship, according to the owner's records, prior to entering this show.

Entry fee: $75
Entry fee for Junior Showmanship: no fee for the first dog entered

Summary Of Key Points

INVITATIONS TO PRE-ENTER: As in the past, the Top Five dogs (AKC Champions) in breed standings for the period January 1, 2009 - October 31, 2009 (inclusive) are invited to pre-enter in advance of the regular closing date. The Top 5 invitees will receive via regular First Class postal mail, a Certificate of Eligibility, along with a pre-printed entry form and a return envelope.

JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP: Junior Showmanship is a limited class. Juniors who have won 10 or more Firsts in the Open Classes for Junior Showmanship (competition required) at AKC Licensed or Member shows held between November 1, 2008 - October 31, 2009 (inclusive) and who were at least 9 years of age and under 18 years of age at the time of the wins, are invited to enter the Junior Showmanship Limited Class at this show. Each eligible Junior will receive a Certificate of Eligibility, along with a blank entry form and return envelope. Only those Juniors whose names appear on this list are eligible for entry into this show. If a dog is entered in breed and Juniors and the breed limit is reached the valid Junior portion of the entry is still acceptable.

SUBMISSION DATES FOR ALL ENTRIES: Once the Top 5 list and the eligible Juniors list is posted on the Westminster and InfoDog websites, or beginning November 16, 2009 (whichever is earlier), Best of Breed/Variety entries (both invited and non-invited) and Junior Showmanship entries may be sent via any traditional postal service that will deliver to a P.O. Box and does not require a signature for delivery or through infodog.com at any time to be received no later than 3 PM (ET) Friday, December 4, 2009. No entry will be accepted that requires a signature for delivery. No entries, for other than Invited dogs, invited Juniors exhibiting Invited dogs or Junior Showmanship Only, will be processed prior to 8 AM (ET) on Friday, December 4, 2009. As in the past, all other entries will be accumulated in random order until all invitees have been processed.

SUBMISSION OF ENTRIES: Entries may be submitted by the owner, the owner's duly authorized agent (the person responsible for the dog at the show), or through an established, legal entry service (whose normal business is the taking and submitting of dog show entries), or through our Superintendent's entry service infodog.com. If an exhibitor utilizes infodog.com to submit an entry for our show, the time of submission of the entry online has no bearing on when, or if, the entry is accepted into the show. InfoDog online entries will be printed and placed in the postal box with a check just as all other entries for our show.

There is a limit of one entry per envelope. Envelopes with more than one entry will be returned.

DUPLICATE ENTRIES: Duplicate entries and fees received into processing prior to the closing of entries, or prior to the limit being reached if reached prior to the closing date and time, will not be returned. A portion of these proceeds will be donated to charity. Entries and fees received into processing after the close of entries, or after the limit is reached if reached prior to the closing date and time, will be returned.

DELIVERY METHODS: Entries may be submitted via any traditional postal service that will deliver to a P.O. Box and does not require a signature for delivery. FAX, Dial-N-Entry(r), Courier, walk-ins or entries handed in at shows are not acceptable or permitted.

ENTRY ACKNOWLEDGMENT: After entries close, all entries that include a valid e-mail address on their entry form will receive an e-mail Notice of Receipt of Entry pending validation of their championships and proper AKC registration. A Notice of Receipt of Entry will also be mailed First Class via the U.S. Postal Service.


The benching of dogs is an integral part of the dog show, the importance of which cannot be overstated. Dogs are received only at the exhibitors' entrance at 33rd St. & Pennsylvania Plaza between 7th and 8th Avenues, beginning at 6 AM each day. Dogs must arrive by 11:30 AM on the day they are judged. Dogs arriving after that time will not be admitted. All dogs must be removed from the benches by 11:30 PM. Tuesday evening to the designated holding area. Breeds to be judged on Tuesday will not be admitted until 9 p.m. Monday evening.

Dogs and equipment cannot be removed from the show either day before 8 p.m. All dogs must be removed from Madison Square Garden by midnight Tuesday. There will be separate areas for grooming or crates. Stacking of crates on breed benching will not be permitted, except in the case of Toy Breeds. Crates will not be permitted in any aisle, at any ring or on any floor space. All crates must be on the benching or in grooming area. Tack units must be on the bench.

City Laws

The Director of the Bureau of Animal Affairs of New York City requires all dogs entering the City of New York to be accompanied by a Health Certificate issued by a licensed Veterinarian no more than seven days prior to arrival in the City. New York City law states that people exercising dogs are responsible for cleaning up the feces. The law is strictly enforced and punishable by a $100 fine.


By entering this show, all participants agree to the following: All rights to advertise, promote, publicize, televise or otherwise exploit the show are vested in The Westminster Kennel Club and its assigns, including the use of the names, likenesses, voices or biographical matter of all dogs, owners, handlers, and kennels participating in the show. Madison Square Garden prohibits the use of video recording devices at this show.

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