New York City Hotels

The Westminster Kennel Club has arranged for special rates during our annual dog show.


New York City Guides

For information about restaurants, shopping and tourist attractions:
CitySearch New York
New York Magazine
The New Yorker Magazine
Time Out New York
For maps and directions, see Mapquest!.

For telephone information, including maps, see Switchboard.

For The Dogs

Veterinary Care - 24 Hour Emergency Services
Animal Medical Center, 510 East 62nd St., New York, NY 10021. (212) 838-8100.
5th Avenue Veterinary Specialists (VCA Animal Hospitals), 1 West 15th Street, New York, NY 10011. (212) 924-3311.

Veterinary Care - In Attendance at the Garden
Veterinary Medical Association of New York

New York Dog Information
Urbanhound, The New York City Dog's Ultimate Survival Guide

Dog Transportation
Pet Chauffeur (212) 696-9744
Pet Taxi (212) 755-1757
Tims Pet Minivan (917) 449-6610

Petex Pet Transportation (646) 996-6031

Parking Near Madison Square Garden

Neither the Westminster Kennel Club nor Madison Square Garden has any affiliation with, nor do they endorse and of the garages listed below.

Meyers / Indoor325 W 34th (Btn 8th & 9th Aves)
Kinney / Outdoor313 W 33rd (8th/9th)
Kinney / Outdoor109 W 31st (6th/7th)
Meyers / Indoor230 W 31st (7th/8th)
Meyers / Indoor340 W 31st (8th/9th)
Imperial / Indoor148 W 31st (6th/7th)
Sandy / Outdoor59 W 35th (5th/6th)
Central Parking33rd St (7th/8th)
Square Industries300 W 31st (8th/9th)

Please be advised that Madison Square Garden does not own, operate or have an affiliation with any parking facilities. For your convenience, patrons have the option to purchase discounted, pre-paid parking at select garages*, when placing their ticket order.

Individuals with disabilities, who possess a New York City Special Parking Permit have the option to park on 31st, 32nd or 33rd Streets and also on 7th and 8th Avenues. Please pay careful attention to the rules and regulations on the back of your permit, which informs you where you may and may not park on New York City streets. Please note that New York City does not honor the blue New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut or any other out of state issued parking hangtag for the disabled or license plate for on-street parking. The Department of Transportation will ticket and/or tow vehicles that do not display the New York City Department of Transportation issued parking permit.

For those individuals with raised-roof vans, some of the indoor parking lots are unable to accommodate these vehicles due to low clearance. As a general rule, most outdoor parking lots accept raised-roof vans, however, we encourage you to contact the parking facility directly to confirm their policies.

For more information on parking in New York City, please call the Department of Transportation at 718 433-3100. Madison Square Garden is not responsible for any parking tickets, vandalism, etc., incurred while parking for an MSG event or otherwise.


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