The Westminster Kennel Club Team

Director of Operations – Florence Foti

Director of Corporate Partnerships – Kelly Morra

Director of Communications – Gail Miller Bisher

Director of Companion Events – Paul Campanella

Manager of Operations – Linda Duane

149 Madison Avenue, Suite 402
New York, NY 10016
T: (212) 213-3165
F: (212) 213-3270

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2016-2017 Officers

President – Seán W. McCarthy

Vice President – Darrell W. Crate

Vice President – Charlton Reynders, III

Secretary – William M. Jackson

Treasurer – Johnston L. Evans

Delegate to the AKC – Harvey M. Wooding

Board of Governors

F. Avery Bourke, Thomas H. Bradley, 3d., Darrell W. Crate, Barclay Douglas, Jr., Johnston L. Evans, David W. Haddock, David A. Helming, Edwin M. Hershey, II, William M. Jackson, Seán W. McCarthy,  Charlton Reynders III,  T. Williams Roberts, III, Harvey M. Wooding,

Governors Emeriti: George F. Clements, Jr., William M. Duryea, Jr., John W. Everets, Thomas J. Hubbard, Charlton Reynders, Jr., James F. Stebbins, William F. Stifel, Robert E. Taylor, Peter R. Van Brunt

Dog Show Committee

Chairman – David A. Helming

Chief Steward – Benjamin Saunders

F. Avery Bourke, Dorothy N. Collier, Barclay Douglas, Jr., David W. Haddock, Edwin M. Hershey, II,  T. Williams Roberts, III, Peter R. Van Brunt, and The Officers of the Club and the Delegate to the AKC.

Agility Committee

Chairman – Darrell W. Crate

Thomas H. Bradley, 3d., David W. Haddock, Tim F. Wray and the Officers.

Obedience Committee

Chairman – David W. Haddock

Thomas H. Bradley, 3d., David A. Helming, Harvey M. Wooding and the Officers.