Vet Scholarships

Westminster Kennel Foundation Awardees

Six veterinary school students have been selected by their schools to be recipients of the 2016-2017 Westminster Kennel Club Foundation scholarships: Jodie Joseph, Cornell University; Brittany Zumbo, Michigan State University; Andrew Reicherter, Tufts University; Cierra Davis, Tuskegee University; Courtney Korff, University of California, Davis; Jennifer Bortree, University of Pennsylvania.

To date the Foundation has awarded $2.4 million in a total of 145 veterinary school scholarships (now valued at $15,000). The Foundation was established in 1971 as a charitable trust organized for the benefit of humane education, humane work, and history, art and memorabilia.

Funding for the foundation comes from major annual grants from the Westminster Kennel Club, plus individual gifts from founding members and other individuals. Trustees are Robert A. Engel, William M. Jackson, Esq., and Peter R. Van Brunt.