The MB-F name carries a veritable history of dog shows in the United States. Moss Dog Shows, established by Edgar A. Moss in Greensboro, NC in 1933 brought dog shows to the South. Bow Dog Shows, established by A. Wilson Bow in 1930, was widely known in the Midwest. And, the Foley Dog Show Organization, established by George F. Foley in 1900, had the distinction of having handled most of the prestigious shows held during his time.

In 1967, Tom Crowe, who had been a well-known professional handler, joined the Moss organization and it became Moss Dog Shows, Inc. This new blood spurred the company's growth and the number of shows handled climbed rapidly. The Bow organization was merged into Moss in late 1970 and the company became Moss-Bow Dog Shows. After George Foley's death in 1970, management of the Foley organization passed through several hands until 1973 when the organization began sharing the North Carolina management and printing facilities of Moss-Bow.

Eventually the Foley organization was merged into Moss-Bow and, wanting to continue to recognize the history represented by these three companies, the name became MB-F, Inc. The headquarters continues to be in Greensboro, NC, with branch offices in Michigan, California, Oregon, and Florida, and an additional road crew based in Philadelphia, PA.

At the present time MB-F handles approximately 1,100 shows per year spanning the length and breadth of the United States. They have also handled shows in Canada and Mexico as well as two World Shows. Widely known for their proficiency and quality, they have been the leader in the application of computers to the sport and were the first to launch an interactive website, the highly regarded

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