Day/Time (ET) View
Affenpinscher Mon/8:30a Replay
Afghan Hound Mon/12:00p Replay
Airedale Terrier Tue/9:00a Replay
Akita Tue/9:00a Replay
Alaskan Malamute Tue/2:30p Replay
American English Coonhound Mon/12:15p Replay
American Eskimo Dog Mon/9:15a Replay
American Foxhound Mon/12:15p Replay
American Hairless Terrier Tue/10:30a Replay
American Staffordshire Terrier Tue/9:00a Replay
Anatolian Shepherd Dog Tue/1:30p Replay
Australian Cattle Dog Mon/8:30a Replay
Australian Shepherd Mon/8:30a Replay
Australian Terrier Tue/9:00a Replay
Basenji Mon/1:00p Replay
Basset Hound Mon/3:00p Replay
Beagle (13 inch) Mon/8:30a Replay
Beagle (15 inch) Mon/8:30a Replay
Bearded Collie Mon/11:00a Replay
Beauceron Mon/10:00a Replay
Bedlington Terrier Tue/11:30a Replay
Belgian Malinois Mon/8:30a Replay
Belgian Sheepdog Mon/2:00p Replay
Belgian Tervuren Mon/9:30a Replay
Bergamasco Sheepdog Mon/9:30a Replay
Berger Picard Mon/10:30a Replay
Bernese Mountain Dog Tue/1:15p Replay
Bichon Frise Mon/11:00a Replay
Black and Tan Coonhound Mon/12:15p Replay
Black Russian Terrier Tue/2:30p Replay
Bloodhound Mon/2:30p Replay
Bluetick Coonhound Mon/12:15p Replay
Boerboel Tue/2:45p Replay
Border Collie Mon/3:30p Replay
Border Terrier Tue/9:00a Replay
Borzoi Mon/9:45a Replay
Boston Terrier Mon/11:30a Replay
Bouvier des Flandres Mon/3:00p Replay
Boxer Tue/11:00a Replay
Briard Mon/10:00a Replay
Brittany Tue/10:30a Replay
Brussels Griffon Mon/3:15p Replay
Bull Terrier (Colored) Tue/3:00p Replay
Bull Terrier (White) Tue/3:00p Replay
Bulldog Mon/3:00p Replay
Bullmastiff Tue/9:00a Replay
Cairn Terrier Tue/11:45a Replay
Canaan Dog Mon/8:30a Replay
Cane Corso Tue/10:00a Replay
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Mon/10:00a Replay
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mon/9:45a Replay
Cesky Terrier Tue/10:30a Replay
Chihuahua (Long Coat) Mon/8:30a Replay
Chihuahua (Smooth Coat) Mon/8:30a Replay
Chinese Crested Mon/11:45a Replay
Chinese Shar-Pei Mon/4:00p Replay
Chow Chow Mon/9:15a Replay
Cirneco dell’Etna Mon/12:15p Replay
Collie (Rough) Mon/3:30p Replay
Collie (Smooth) Mon/10:00a Replay
Coton De Tulear Mon/10:00a Replay
Dachshund (Longhaired) Mon/4:00p Replay
Dachshund (Smooth) Mon/11:15a Replay
Dachshund (Wirehaired) Mon/3:00p Replay
Dalmatian Mon/8:30a Replay
Dandie Dinmont Terrier Tue/11:30a Replay
Doberman Pinscher Tue/12:30p Replay
Dogue de Bordeaux Tue/2:45p Replay
English Foxhound Mon/2:30p Replay
English Toy Spaniel (B&PC) Mon/9:45a Replay
English Toy Spaniel (KC&R) Mon/8:30a Replay
Entlebucher Mountain Dog Mon/10:30a Replay
Finnish Lapphund Mon/11:30a Replay
Finnish Spitz Mon/9:15a Replay
Smooth Fox Terrier Tue/2:15p Replay
Wire Fox Terrier Tue/2:15p Replay
French Bulldog Mon/12:45p Replay
German Pinscher Tue/11:30a Replay
German Shepherd Dog Mon/3:00p Replay
Giant Schnauzer Tue/11:00a Replay
Glen of Imaal Terrier Tue/10:30a Replay
Great Dane Tue/12:30p Replay
Great Pyrenees Tue/2:30p Replay
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Tue/11:30a Replay
Greyhound Mon/2:30p Replay
Harrier Mon/2:30p Replay
Havanese Mon/11:30a Replay
Ibizan Hound Mon/9:45a Replay
Icelandic Sheepdog Mon/11:30a Replay
Irish Terrier Tue/11:45a Replay
Irish Wolfhound Mon/8:30a Replay
Italian Greyhound Mon/1:45p Replay
Japanese Chin Mon/1:45p Replay
Keeshond Mon/9:30a Replay
Kerry Blue Terrier Tue/11:30a Replay
Komondor Tue/11:30a Replay
Kuvasz Tue/1:30p Replay
Lagotto Romagnolo Tue/1:30p Replay
Lakeland Terrier Tue/10:00a Replay
Leonberger Tue/1:30p Replay
Lhasa Apso Mon/10:00a Replay
Löwchen Mon/9:15a Replay
Maltese Mon/1:45p Replay
Manchester Terrier (Standard) Tue/9:00a Replay
Manchester Terrier (Toy) Mon/1:30p Replay
Mastiff Tue/3:45p Replay
Miniature American Shepherd Mon/2:00p Replay
Miniature Bull Terrier Tue/3:00p Replay
Miniature Pinscher Mon/2:30p Replay
Miniature Schnauzer Tue/3:15p Replay
Neapolitan Mastiff Tue/1:30p Replay
Newfoundland Tue/9:00a Replay
Norfolk Terrier Tue/9:00a Replay
Norwegian Buhund Mon/11:30a Replay
Norwegian Elkhound Mon/1:00p Replay
Norwich Terrier Tue/9:00a Replay
Old English Sheepdog Mon/3:00p Replay
Otterhound Mon/1:00p Replay
Papillon Mon/3:30p Replay
Parson Russell Terrier Tue/9:00a Replay
Pekingese Mon/10:15a Replay
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mon/8:30a Replay
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Mon/2:00p Replay
Pharaoh Hound Mon/8:30a Replay
Plott Mon/2:30p Replay
Pointer Tue/10:30a Replay
German Shorthaired Pointer Tue/9:00a Replay
German Wirehaired Pointer Tue/3:45p Replay
Polish Lowland Sheepdog Mon/11:00a Replay
Pomeranian Mon/2:15p Replay
Poodle (Miniature) Mon/1:45p Replay
Poodle (Standard) Mon/10:00a Replay
Poodle (Toy) Mon/11:30a Replay
Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Mon/2:30p Replay
Portuguese Water Dog Tue/2:30p Replay
Pug Mon/8:30a Replay
Puli Mon/10:00a Replay
Pumi Mon/3:00p Replay
Pyrenean Shepherd Mon/3:00p Replay
Rat Terrier Tue/10:00a Replay
Redbone Coonhound Mon/2:30p Replay
Chesapeake Bay Retriever Tue/9:00a Replay
Curly-Coated Retriever Tue/11:45a Replay
Flat-Coated Retriever Tue/12:45p Replay
Golden Retriever Tue/9:00a Replay
Labrador Retriever Tue/12:30p Replay
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Tue/1:30p Replay
Rhodesian Ridgeback Mon/1:00p Replay
Rottweiler Tue/10:15a Replay
Russell Terrier Tue/9:00a Replay
Saluki Mon/2:30p Replay
Samoyed Tue/10:15a Replay
Schipperke Mon/8:30a Replay
Scottish Deerhound Mon/2:30p Replay
Scottish Terrier Tue/10:30a Replay
Sealyham Terrier Tue/10:00a Replay
English Setter Tue/2:00p Replay
Gordon Setter Tue/2:00p Replay
Irish Setter Tue/3:15p Replay
Red and White Setter Tue/3:15p Replay
Shetland Sheepdog Mon/2:00p Replay
Shiba Inu Mon/2:45p Replay
Shih Tzu Mon/1:30p Replay
Siberian Husky Tue/12:30p Replay
Silky Terrier Mon/2:30p Replay
Skye Terrier Tue/1:30p Replay
Sloughi Mon/2:30p Replay
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Tue/1:30p Replay
American Water Spaniel Tue/3:45p Replay
Boykin Spaniel Tue/3:45p Replay
Clumber Spaniel Tue/10:30a Replay
Cocker Spaniel (A.S.C.O.B.) Tue/1:45p Replay
Cocker Spaniel (Black) Tue/1:45p Replay
Cocker Spaniel (Parti-Color) Tue/1:45p Replay
English Cocker Spaniel Tue/11:45a Replay
English Springer Spaniel Tue/12:00p Replay
Field Spaniel Tue/9:00a Replay
Irish Water Spaniel Tue/9:00a Replay
Sussex Spaniel Tue/1:30p Replay
Welsh Springer Spaniel Tue/12:00p Replay
Spanish Water Dog Mon/12:30p Replay
Spinone Italiano Tue/10:15a Replay
Saint Bernard Tue/10:00a Replay
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Tue/3:00p Replay
Standard Schnauzer Tue/2:30p Replay
Swedish Vallhund Mon/3:00p Replay
Tibetan Mastiff Tue/2:45p Replay
Tibetan Spaniel Mon/8:30a Replay
Tibetan Terrier Mon/4:00p Replay
Toy Fox Terrier Mon/3:30p Replay
Treeing Walker Coonhound Mon/2:30p Replay
Vizsla Tue/10:15a Replay
Weimaraner Tue/2:45p Replay
Welsh Terrier Tue/9:00a Replay
West Highland White Terrier Tue/11:30a Replay
Whippet Mon/12:30p Replay
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Tue/9:00a Replay
Wirehaired Vizsla Tue/9:00a Replay
Xoloitzcuintli Mon/2:45p Replay
Yorkshire Terrier Mon/1:30p Replay