Judge: Mr. David Kirkland
Day: February 16, 2015
Time: 2:45
Ring: 2

Best of Breed Competition

SEL 6     GCH Morningstar's Dances With Wolves
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 21444601
Date of Birth: October 05, 2008
Breeder: Joan Morningstar & Vicki Appleton
Sire: Ch Kazakoshi No Koryuu Go Yokohama Atsumi
Dam: Morningstar Ballerina Dance For Meg
Owner: Laurie Cribbs
8     Ch Frerose Tomi Arashi Kage CGC
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 31428202
Date of Birth: February 19, 2012
Breeder: Frederick Duane & Diane Murphy
Sire: Ch Frerose Walker
Dam: Ch Frerose Allspice
Owner: Julia Haight
9     GCH Ranchlake's Practical Magic
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 34155302
Date of Birth: March 07, 2013
Breeder: Dorothy Warren
Sire: GCH Sunojo The Only Fish In The C
Dam: GCH Ranchlake's Heavenly Chocolate
Owner: Dorothy Warren
A 10     Ch Roki Yama's Hercules
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 34453002
Date of Birth: May 21, 2013
Breeder: Edward Maes & Diana Maes & Sandi Smith
Sire: Ch Shandell Turn Up The Heat
Dam: GCH Justa Setzuzan Roki Yama's Azorra
Owner: Edward Maes & Diana Maes
A 11     Ch Katai's (Call Me Fifi) Sophia
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Bitch
AKC: NP 32746505
Date of Birth: August 12, 2012
Breeder: Bonnie Gibbons
Sire: Kotarou Go Seishirousou
Dam: GCH Katai's Screamin' Mimi
Owner: Katrina Niesen & Bonnie Gibbons
B 12     GCH Lee-Fen's An Everlasting Love
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 26638503
Date of Birth: February 14, 2010
Breeder: Cheryl Lee Giffin
Sire: Ch Roscka's Kokoro No Sensai
Dam: Ch Lee-Fen's Bewitched Again
Owner: Cheryl Giffin & Kylie Soafer & Amy Young
Photos: Breed judging
AOM 14     GCH Imperial Criminal Mind At Imari
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 35928801
Date of Birth: July 07, 2013
Breeder: C Gursky & A Gorman & S Roble & L Pasquarello VMD
Sire: Ch San Jo Relentless Of Lemaitre
Dam: Ch Hitorq Imperial Year Of The Comet
Owner: Ann Gorman & Christine Gursky
SEL 15     Ch Cape Cod's Catch Of The Day
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Bitch
AKC: NP 28815701
Date of Birth: April 01, 2011
Breeder: Charleen R Maxim
Sire: GCH Sullo's Kurokuma Of Greenwood
Dam: Ch Cape Cod's Perfect Storm
Owner: Charleen R Maxim
A 16     GCH Showboat's Gamma Ray At Nikoniko
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Bitch
AKC: NP 35484301
Date of Birth: July 29, 2013
Breeder: Deborah Howington
Sire: GCH Marma's The Wizzard
Dam: GCH Showboat Zeta Jones
Owner: Jeff & Cindy Nelson & Sheri Rose & Dorothy Warren
A 17     Ch Pendragon Take It To The Limit
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Bitch
AKC: NP 29931802
Date of Birth: September 01, 2011
Breeder: Lori B Pendergast
Sire: GCH Justa Massimiliano
Dam: GCH Pendrago Rubi Kayoubi
Owner: Lori B Pendergast
OS 18     Ch Rodels Crimson Tide At Torii
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Bitch
AKC: NP 32082802
Date of Birth: March 09, 2012
Breeder: Sandra L Rolenaitis & T Harris & G Burch & F Daum
Sire: GCH Three Ships To The Wind
Dam: Ch Cabanterra Divine Dahlia At MR2
Owner: Tom & Sandra L Rolenaitis & Janeen Ruge
Photos: Breed judging
A 19     Ch Lee-Fen Roscka's Absolute Justice
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 36339702
Date of Birth: December 17, 2013
Breeder: Carla Ross & Cheryl Lee Giffin
Sire: GCH Lee-Fen's An Everlasting Love
Dam: Ch Roscka's Maryoku
Owner: Carla Quigg Ross & Cheryl Lee Giffin
20     Ch Tengai Life's A Beach
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Bitch
AKC: NP 35173401
Date of Birth: August 20, 2013
Breeder: Philip Scala & Gibbs Burch
Sire: Ch River Winds Black Ice At Tengai
Dam: River Wind's The Spice Of Life
Owner: Philip Scala
AOM 21     GCH Dragon House Mr.Jones
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 17831001
Date of Birth: May 28, 2007
Breeder: Sandi M Smith & Leslie Engen
Sire: Ch San Jo American Idol
Dam: San Jo Proud Mary
Owner: Sandi M Smith
23     Ch Arisu's I'M Your Man
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 26744901
Date of Birth: November 22, 2009
Breeder: Laura Matheson
Sire: Ch HiTorq's Napoleon Dynamite
Dam: Akanami Harvest Sweet Reward
Owner: Laura Matheson & Kendal Gallant
25     GCH Sno-Storm's Playboy Pinup
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Bitch
AKC: NP 22261802
Date of Birth: October 28, 2008
Breeder: Mary & Deanna Rotkowski
Sire: Ch Kisaragi No Kotaro Amamisou
Dam: Sno-Storm's One In A Million
Owner: Mary & Deanna Rotkowski & Dr Robert Van Hutchison
26     GCH Gold Strike Takachiyo Go
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 31283602
Date of Birth: March 07, 2012
Breeder: Hisae Dickey & Donald Dickey
Sire: Ito No Benitaka Go Chikuzen Shigematsusou
Dam: GCH Ito No Chiyo Go Chikuzen Shigematsusou
Owner: Hisae Dickey & Donald Dickey & Tiara K Arndt
Open Dogs

1/W 7     Koma-Inu Independence
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 27197201
Date of Birth: July 05, 2010
Breeder: Judythe C Dunn
Sire: Ch Koma-Inu Cosmo K
Dam: Koma-Inu Sweet Satisfaction
Owner: Judythe C Dunn
Bred by Exhibitor Bitches

A 22     Dragon House Kan-I Chung
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Bitch
AKC: NP 33259201
Date of Birth: June 21, 2012
Breeder: Sandi M Smith
Sire: Ch Dragon House Titan
Dam: Dragon House Ziyi Zhang
Owner: Sandi M Smith
Open Bitches

1/W/BW 24     Hitorq's Something Wicked At Arisu
Breed: Shiba Inu
Sex: Bitch
AKC: NP 34233801
Date of Birth: March 20, 2013
Breeder: Lisa M Pasquarello VMD & Leslie Ann Engen
Sire: Ch Hitorq's Napoleon Dynamite
Dam: San Jo Cauzin Chaos At Hitorq
Owner: Laura Matheson & Lisa Pasquarello VMD


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