Judge: Ms. Christine Erickson
Day: February 11, 2014
Time: 10:30
Ring: 2

Best of Breed Competition

SEL/AOM 5     Ch Br'Er Fox Philippa Of Hunterston
Breed: Fox Terrier (Wire)
Sex: Bitch
AKC: RN 22402902
Date of Birth: March 01, 2011
Breeder: A & F DiGiorgio & F & C Mouris
Sire: GCH Travella Stage Star
Dam: Ch Br'Er Fox Wise Choice
Owner: Judith Hunter & C Mouris
OS 7     GCH Crispy Legacy
Breed: Fox Terrier (Wire)
Sex: Dog
AKC: RN 24957401
Date of Birth: June 11, 2007
Breeder: Agneta Astrom
Sire: Ch Fairwire Adventura At Alkinra
Dam: Crispy Eyecatcher
Owner: John & Daphne Eggert & Agneta Astrom
Photos: Breed judging
A 10     Ch Fyrewyre Fit To Be Tied
Breed: Fox Terrier (Wire)
Sex: Bitch
AKC: RN 23300001
Date of Birth: July 05, 2011
Breeder: Geri Mendes & Alton Pertuit Jr
Sire: Brookvalley Statesman At Alkinra
Dam: Ch Fyrewyre Fasten Your Seat Belt
Owner: Kiki Courtelis & Dana Bryson-Benn & Joyce Wilkinson
B/G1/BIS 11     GCH Afterall Painting The Sky
Breed: Fox Terrier (Wire)
Sex: Bitch
AKC: RN 17023004
Date of Birth: June 18, 2008
Breeder: A J Pertuit Jr & Betty Seton
Sire: Ch Fyrewyre Fast And Furious
Dam: Fyrewyre Forget-Me-Not
Owner: Victor Malzoni Jr & Torie Steele & S & M Olund & D Ryan
Photos: Breed judging / Group judging
12     Ch Xato Nes Gwadiana
Breed: Fox Terrier (Wire)
Sex: Dog
AKC: RN 25178001
Date of Birth: August 30, 2010
Breeder: Lukasz Pawlowski
Sire: Djago V.D. Bismarckquelle
Dam: Wenus De Milo Gwadiana
Owner: Yuriria Arenas
SEL 14     GCH Garcini Rangels Concerto With TES
Breed: Fox Terrier (Wire)
Sex: Dog
AKC: RN 23290607
Date of Birth: August 01, 2011
Breeder: Leonardo Garcini & Jody Paquette & Gabriel & Yvonne Rangel
Sire: Ch Steele Link To Terriersoul
Dam: Ch Rangel's Hurray For Our Side
Owner: Elise Singer & Leonardo Garcini & Jody Paquette
A 15     GCH Garcini Rangel's Rock N Rolla
Breed: Fox Terrier (Wire)
Sex: Dog
AKC: RN 21494103
Date of Birth: April 18, 2010
Breeder: L Garcini & G Rangel & Y Rangel
Sire: Ch Ironhills Steeele Rampage
Dam: Ch Rangels Hurray For Our Side
Owner: Kevin Rogers & Leonardo Garcini & Jody Paquette
AOM 16     Ch Commander's Sure Shot Sniper
Breed: Fox Terrier (Wire)
Sex: Dog
AKC: RN 20888501
Date of Birth: May 12, 2010
Breeder: Debra Lee Bohle & Franklin C Bohle
Sire: Dzhassta Top Type
Dam: Ch Commander's Warrior Princess Of Foxchase
Owner: Mark Rosenker & Heather Rosenker
18     Ch Thornton's Longvue Princess Kate At App'S
Breed: Fox Terrier (Wire)
Sex: Bitch
AKC: RN 22185102
Date of Birth: March 28, 2011
Breeder: Lynn Sobin-Comstock & S Hull & A Saunders
Sire: Thornton's Now And Forever
Dam: Ch Thornton's Dirty Martini
Owner: Norma Appleyard & Todd & April Clyde & Lynn Sobin-Comstock
Open Dogs

A 6     Acadia's Got Swag
Breed: Fox Terrier (Wire)
Sex: Dog
AKC: RN 23968301
Date of Birth: March 24, 2012
Breeder: Andrew DiGiorgio & Norman Kenney
Sire: Br'Er Fox Hollow Friar Tuck
Dam: Ch Acadia Diamonds Are Forever
Owner: Norman B & Lynda Kenney
1/W/BW 8     Plawsworth Foxburrow Gold Rush
Breed: Fox Terrier (Wire)
Sex: Dog
AKC: RN 25874201
Date of Birth: October 23, 2012
Breeder: Barbara R Watt & Janet MacKenzie
Sire: Ch Travella Solid Gold
Dam: Ch Plawsworth Belle Of Bon Accord
Owner: Ann & Louis Gold
Bred by Exhibitor Bitches

1/W 17     Tsarshadow Kentucky Windage At Foxheart
Breed: Fox Terrier (Wire)
Sex: Bitch
AKC: RN 24990904
Date of Birth: December 19, 2012
Breeder: Doug Belter & Dawn Dealey
Sire: Ch Snowtaires Standing Ovation
Dam: Ch Random Red Panda At Tsarshadow
Owner: William Ashburn & Jennifer Ashburn & Dawn Dealy & Doug Belter
Open Bitches

1/R 9     Fox Creek Jp Wanna Make Music
Breed: Fox Terrier (Wire)
Sex: Bitch
AKC: RN 25750701
Date of Birth: March 29, 2011
Breeder: Hiroshi Tsuyuki
Sire: Purston Masterpiece
Dam: Fox Creek JP After Midnight
Owner: Hiroshi Tsuyuki


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