Judge: Mark R. Kennedy
Day: February 10, 2014
Time: 12:00
Ring: 1


Best of Breed Competition

B 30     Ch Motif's Unstoppable At Rio
Breed: Boston Terrier
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 27283602
Date of Birth: September 11, 2010
Breeder: Richard & Suzanne Shiloh
Sire: Ch Dh Motif's Master Of The Game
Dam: Ch Motif's Mademoiselle Isabelle
Owner: Amy & Karen Beskau
Photos: Breed judging
OS 20     GCH Campbell Clan's Simply Scandalous
Breed: Boston Terrier
Sex: Bitch
AKC: NP 32508502
Date of Birth: July 21, 2012
Breeder: Danielle Campbell & G & G Campbell & Marshan Fish
Sire: Ch Campbell Clan's American Gigilo
Dam: Campbell Clan's Speedin' Soap Box Derby Car
Owner: Kathleen Cleary & Denise L Scott & Danielle K Campbell
Photos: Breed judging
SEL 25     GCH Gunther's Gussied Up Edna
Breed: Boston Terrier
Sex: Bitch
AKC: NP 25922502
Date of Birth: March 09, 2010
Breeder: Brook W Berth
Sire: GCH Ken's N' Roobarb N' The Horse Ya Rode In On
Dam: Ch Gunther's Purty Gertie RN
Owner: Andy & Jack McIlwaine & Brook W Berth
SEL 29     GCH Peja's N' Ken's Saddle'Em Up For Suze
Breed: Boston Terrier
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 29994903
Date of Birth: September 03, 2011
Breeder: Peggy D Jackson
Sire: GCH Ken's N Roobarb N' The Horse Ya Rode InOn
Dam: Ch Peja's CJ Royal Rita For Arbonne
Owner: Suzanne Roberts
AOM 8     GCH Haberl's When Lightning Strikes
Breed: Boston Terrier
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 27543903
Date of Birth: September 10, 2010
Breeder: JoAnn Haberl
Sire: GCH Haberl's Ain't Got No Problem
Dam: Haberl's Birthday Girl
Owner: Robin Snow & Bill Kivimaki & BJ Barnhart
AOM 33     Ch Talavera's Taking Matters In Hand At Cocolamus
Breed: Boston Terrier
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 34444501
Date of Birth: February 06, 2013
Breeder: Patricia Sultzberger & Adrienne Hullender & Amanda Nicholson
Sire: GCH Fiveforks' Geometry Matters At Kayas
Dam: GCH Talavera's Magic Dance With Marcrest N Novella
Owner: Marlene Lippert & Patricia Sultzberger
AOM 37     GCH Kennedy's Wild Sweet Renegade
Breed: Boston Terrier
Sex: Bitch
AKC: NP 25805301
Date of Birth: September 27, 2009
Breeder: Sarah & Vicki Kennedy & Lynne Anderson
Sire: Ch Kennedy's Wild Renegater
Dam: Soliloquy Kennedy Aint She Sweet
Owner: Jessica Dixon & Marie Stahmer & Sarah Kennedy

Open Dogs

1/W/BW 23     Kennedy's Ivy Rose Tyler Tells It Like It Is
Breed: Boston Terrier
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 34737701
Date of Birth: May 01, 2013
Breeder: Sarah Kennedy & Vicki Kennedy
Sire: GCH Kennedy's Bumble Bee
Dam: Ch Kennedy's Tell Me No Stories
Owner: Claudia & Bradley Dickinson & Sarah Kennedy
American-Bred Bitches

1/W 14     Ho-Pa Black Pearl At Victory
Breed: Boston Terrier
Sex: Bitch
AKC: NP 34313101
Date of Birth: May 10, 2013
Breeder: Carol Hobbs & Marlo Parsons
Sire: Ch Ho-Pa's Royal Asset
Dam: Ch Circle J 'n Ho-Pa's Abbey Road
Owner: Loretta Phillips & K Hulstein & C Hobbs & M Parsons
Open Bitches

1/R 21     Donnybrook's Darling Clementine
Breed: Boston Terrier
Sex: Bitch
AKC: NP 26188004
Date of Birth: May 02, 2010
Breeder: Maureen Blackwood
Sire: Ch Donnybrooks' Aramis
Dam: Donnybrook's Cristalle Of Alpha
Owner: Lucy Hicks & Ken Hicks


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