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American Hairless Terrier

The American Hairless Terrier (AHT) derived from the Rat Terrier breed was developed in the United States in the early 1970s. These alert and curious dogs are usually hairless but can also have a coat. Like most terriers, its ancestors were bred to hunt rats and other vermin. Today, the AHT is a lively, intelligent and friendly companion who loves to be indoors with its owner. The American Hairless Terrier is a smoothly muscled, active, small-to-medium size terrier whose trainability makes it a perfect choice for such dog sports as Obedience and Agility. The American Hairless Terrier will be shown in the Terrier Group.
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An ancient Hungarian herding breed, the Pumi (pronounced POOH-me) became the unique breed it is today through centuries of careful selection of breeding stock by shepherds who developed a dog that would herd their cattle, sheep, and pigs on the small farms of Western Hungary. This medium-sized, spirited dog with wavy and curly hair is intelligent, willing to work, and a quick learner. Pumik (plural for Pumi) make great companions for an active family that provides them with daily physical activity and plenty of mental stimulation to keep them engaged. Because the breed likes to be where all the action is, it excels as a true family friend as well as a dog sport competitor. The Pumi will be shown in the Herding Group.
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The Sloughi (pronounced SLOO-ghee) is a rare breed of sighthound from the North African countries of Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, and Algeria. An ancient breed, rich in history and culture, its equally at home in nomadic tents as in the hunt. Bred for millennia by the Berbers and Bedouins to course gazelles, jackals, wild boar, hares, and rabbits. This short-coated breed should always appear fit, robust, elegant, and fast and comes in all shades of sand from light cream to red, with or without a black mask, black mantle or brindling. In the United States, its primarily a companion breed that is also proficient at lure coursing. While devoted to its owner the Sloughi may be aloof around strangers. The Sloughi will be shown in the Hound Group.
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