Mr. Peter Green

MR. PETER GREEN of Bowmansville, PA started showing dogs as a boy in 1946. A native of Neath Wales, he was introduced to the sport by his uncle who owned Felstead kennels and was a renowned Welsh terrier breeder. Mr. Green emigrated to the U.S. permanently in 1963 and was a private handler for Pool Forge kennels in Churchtown, Pennsylvania.

After years of honing his craft of maintaining a proper terrier coat and handling dogs to top wins, he launched a long and storied career as a professional handler in 1966. Mr. Green is recognized by many as the most accomplished dog handler in the sport today. During his career as a professional handler he tied the record for a handler achieving four Best in Show victories at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (1968, 1977, 1994, and 1998). He also won Best in Show at Crufts in Birmingham (2005), England, the largest dog show in the world, making him one of only two handlers to steer a dog to Best in Show at both Westminster and Crufts. Additionally, he piloted dogs to Best in Show wins nine times at the highly-competitive, Montgomery County Kennel Club Terrier Show in Pennsylvania.

In addition to setting records, Mr. Green has impacted the sport by mentoring many of the top winning handlers dominating the dog show rings today. Achievements of several of these handlers include going Best in Show and winning groups at Westminster.

Although known as a tough competitor in the ring, Mr. Green is highly recognized in the sport and by the fancy as always lending a helping hand to support the dog show community and its events. The sport has in turn honored him with numerous top handler awards throughout his career and presented him the AKC Lifetime Achievement Award and Dogs in Review Lifetime Achievement Award. Known not only as an expert in the world of terriers but also in canine conformation, Mr. Green retired from professional handling in 2006 to begin his judging career which has taken him around the world. In 2019 his Westminster judging assignment will produce another record, as he will become the only person to have handled a dog to Best in Show and judged Best in Show at both Westminster and Crufts. Next February will be his seventh judging assignment at Westminster including judging the Terrier group in 2009.