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2016 Masters Agility Championship at Westminster

Masters Agility Champion Winner

Call NameBreedHandlerHometownTime


Wendy CerilliGreenwich, NY35.10


All-American Dog Winner

Call NameBreedHandlerHometownTime
HaileyAll American DogKaren ProfennaNew City, NY42.11


Eight-Inch Division 


Call NameBreedHandlerHometownTime
1WrenPapillonBetsey LynchDelaware, OH33.37
2QuillParson Russell TerrierSandy RogersSan Francisco, CA39.21
3GracieCavalier King Charles SpanielRebecca PotoskyAllentown, NJ43.47
4SquishChihuahuas (Smooth Coat)Howard CarrEast Falmouth, MA



12-Inch Division

PlaceCall NameBreedHandlerHometown Time
1KeeblerPembroke Welsh CorgiRoger O’SullivanGiahanna, OH34.37
2CamberPapillonHeather CiribassiHebron, CT40.00
3DobbyAll American DogStefanie FreundlichEast Amwell, NJ43.85
4JettSchipperkeJoseph SangenitoPompton Plains, NJ47.29


16-Inch Division 

PlaceCall NameBreedHandlerHometownTime
1CruzerShetland Sheep DogDiane PattersonMiddletown, CT36.26
2BoltShetland Sheep DogMeghan McCarthyE. Bridgewater, MA42.00
3HaileyAll American DogKaren ProfennaNew City, NY42.11
4LilacAustralian ShepherdNeno PessoaWashington Township, NJ43.19


20-Inch Division

PlaceCall NameBreedHandlerHometownTime
1HolsterAustralian ShepherdWendy CerilliGreenwich, NY35.10
2RustyNovia Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverLiz ArmstrongSan Francisco, CA39.68
3BacoPortuguese Water DogBarbara KerenskyOcean, NJ42.45
4GitchiGolden RetrieverEsteban Fernandez LopezPearland, TX42.53


24-Inch Division 

PlaceCall NameBreedHandlerHometownTime
1Smartie Belgian TervurenJulie HillMandeville, LA35.24
2BansheeLabrador RetrieverMichael KreiserRobesonia, PA39.32
3ShambhuPoodleRussell ThorpeKingston, NY40.67
4FfynchBorder CollieSuzann MilheronSomers, CT42.31



Holster, Masters Agility Champion Winner

Wendy Cerilli, Greenwich, N.Y., handler: “Holster’s success in the agility ring is attributed to his consistency and his heart. He’s a dog that always tries to be good and right. His love for the game, his love for playing drives him to succeed.

“I don’t think there was any part of the course that gave me a sense of relief once he got past it because he had very good competition. I wasn’t sure if I’d do my front crosses or not, so I didn’t do any of them because he was good enough. I was especially pleased that he was so fast tonight because he’s a country dog, not a city dog, and he’s a little nervous being in the city. It can be overwhelming and I wasn’t sure it would impact his speed. We’re thrilled that it didn’t.”

Hailey, All American Dog Winner

Karen Profena, New City, N.Y., handler: “If there was a single quality that accounts for our success in the agility ring, it’s our relationship and our bond. She’ll do anything under the sun for me. What worried me the most initially tonight was the beginning of the course which looked more like what the ending of an agility run looks like. She went a little bit slower there, but she loves her weave poles and picked up the speed there.”