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Great Pyrenees


Lecteur's God Bless The Outcasts9WS 5598220412/29/2016Lauren Marie HullGCH Thorn Hill's White Tie AffairCH Chadensall Acre's The Book Thief

Lauren Hull & Lucas Hull




CH Pyradigm You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet6WS 535504014/21/2016Catherine Straiton & Wayne StraitonGCHS Euzkalzale's Legacy Of Hope RNCH Pyradigm Simply Irresistible

Catherine Straiton & Wayne Straiton

GCH Oneida's Vale Of Onondaga7WS 416003013/28/2012Brigitte & Therese Doxtator & Cynthia Palmer-Hughes & Angella Aleksa & Michael HCH Vi'Skaly's Bouncy BoleroGCH Oneida's Arctic Snowshoe BN

Brigitte Doxtator & Cynthia Palmer-Hughes & Michael Hughes

GCHS CH Rivergroves Callabriga Dao8WS 4616100811/3/2013Jean A Boyd & McKee Cox & Marcia StewartCH Rivergroves Kendall JacksonCH Rivergroves Lady AntebellumLisa Ann ConnorJessy J Sutton
GCHS CH Euzkalzale Mont Valier CGC10WS 436693074/13/2013Terry M Denney-Combs & Terrie StromCH Euzkalzale Choo Choo Charley!CH Euzkalzale Rpyr Ella's Midnight Sun!

Linda M Whisenhunt

GCHS CH Pyrless-Brynjulf Don'T Dare Me CGCA11WS 371887063/12/2011Valerie SeeleyGCH Pyrless No BrainerPyrless On My TimeCindy Pearce 
GCHB CH Rivergroves Renaissance Man12WS 4616100111/3/2013Jean A Boyd & Marcia StewartCH Rivergroves Kendall-JacksonCH Rivergroves Lady AntebellumJosephine Stiles & Jean A BoydMonique Mastrapasqua
GCH CH Whiterose Wind Chaser CGC14WS 4297030412/17/2012Lisa A TaylorGCH Honor's Promise Of The FutureCH Talisman Isabella At White RoseMalcolm & Suzanne Beauchamp & Lisa TaylorClifford W Steele
GCH CH Pyrview's Sultan Of Soul15WS 453375016/13/2013Sandy DymentCH Pyrview Solan Warrior KingCH Pyrview's Queen Of The GodsMel Ciociola & Sandy Dyment & Cassandra DymentEmily Burdon
GCHB CH Brynjulf Wahoo Creek Don't You Feel It RN CGC16WS 476610086/9/2014Cynthia PearceGCH Pyramor Pyrless Frequent FlyerGCH Pyrless-Brynjulf Don't Dare Me CGCKimberly FancherJamie Clute
GCH CH Tanimara's Awesome Irish Creme17WS 472735083/17/2014Jacqueline K WoodCH Tanimara's Big BrotherCH Tanimara's Ozark Mountain SassafrasMichael & Sherry AlpertDavid C Daugherty
GCHG CH Pyrless & Ashby She's All That!18WS 4610100112/1/2013Susan Blevens & Valerie A SeeleyGCHB Pyrless No-BrainerGCHB Pyrless Razzle DazzleSusan BlevensRichard Krieger
GCH CH Rivergroves The Name Of The Game19WS 420011018/26/2012McKee Cox & Jean A BoydGCH Rivergroves Casino RoyaleCH Rivergroves No-LimitJean A Boyd & Lisa CilloAngela L Lloyd
GCH CH Geyser Creeks Cowboy Chrome20WS 474387056/7/2014Norina Shields & Clayton SheildsCH Geyser Creeks Red Carpet RomeoCH Geyser Creeks Just Go With ItNorina Shields & Clayton SheildsKellie L Miller