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Mr. Andrew Dicker

MR. ANDREW DICKER of Berkshire, England, is immensely proud and honored to be invited to judge at the Masters Agility Championship at Westminster. His co-judge and good friend, Lori Sage, were the inaugural judges at the first Championship in 2014. It was Carol, his wife, who initially got Andrew involved in agility in the late 1990s, and he joined her as a member of the Thames Dog Training Club. Mr. Dicker also started judging agility around that time. His current dogs, Joker, is a grade 7 (this is the highest grade in the UK), and Kwin, Joker’s son, is just starting out. He has been privileged to be a member of the UK Kennel Club since 2006 and has been Thames DTC’s Chairman since 2004. 

Mr. Dicker is a UK Championship judge and FCI judge. As well as in the US, he regularly judges in Norway, Italy, Holland, Jersey, and Spain and in Dubai and Singapore. He is thrilled to be judging The Masters Agility Championship again in the US and wishes the best of luck to all the competitors.