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Ms. Lori Sage

MS. LORI SAGE of Oregon City, Oregon, discovered agility in 1999 with her Pomeranian, Buddy. Lori enjoyed the sport so much that she added a Shetland Sheepdog, Mikaela, to the pack. Lori and Mikaela had a long career with six agility championships and multiple Nationals appearances. Over the years with her various dogs—four Shelties, a chihuahua, and a Chinese Crested—Lori has garnered 12 Agility Championships and qualified for 15 trips to Nationals (making the Finals three times). Plus, she had a coveted Invitational showing in 2018 with her Chihuahua, Cameron. In 2008, Lori attended the AKC Agility Judges’ Seminar. 

Now, when she isn’t running trials via K-9 Sports trial service or competing with her own dogs, Lori travels the country to judge AKC trials. One highlight was the honor of judging the 2016 AKC Invitational in Orlando, Florida. Ms. Sage was humbled when she received the invitation to judge the famous Westminster show again after having the honor of being the inaugural judge in 2014 with her AKC agility judging partner, Andrew Dicker.