BEST OF BREED (BOB): The dog selected or the award made by a judge to that dog chosen as the best representative of the Breed. Similarly, Best of Variety (BOV) is the same award given to the best representative of a Variety exhibited that day (see VARIETY). In either case, those dogs selected BOB and those selected BOV each advance to group competition.

BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX (BOS): The dog selected as the best in competition of the opposite sex of the BOB or BOV winner. This dog does not advance.

VARIETY: A division of a breed based on coat, color, or size. For example, Poodles (size: Standard, Miniature, Toy), Cocker Spaniels (color: Black, Parti-color, ASCOB); Collies (coat: Rough, Smooth).

AWARD OF MERIT (AOM): At the discretion of the judge, an additional award made to outstanding entries that are not judged to be either BOB / BOV or BOS.

BEST IN SHOW (BIS): The award or the dog selected from among the seven finalists as the best dog among all entries.

CHAMPION (CH): A title or the dog that has earned a certain number of points (15) in competition with wins in AKC shows.

BREEDER: The owner of the dam when she was bred to produce the dog.

BREEDER-OWNER-HANDLER: An individual who bred, owns and handles that dog. Similarly, an Owner-Handler is someone who handles a dog that they also own.

BREEDER-JUDGE: Someone licensed to judge dogs of their breed.

PROFESSIONAL HANDLER: Someone who handles a dog for a fee.

ALL ROUNDER: An individual licensed to judge every breed.
STANDARD: The written description of the traits and movement of the ideal specimen of a breed, generally based on form and function. Each parent club creates and maintains their breed standard. Judges are to judge dogs by comparing them to the standard for their breed.

CONFORMATION: The structure and physical characteristics of a dog.

STACK: The pose itself or the posing of the dog by a handler in its natural stance for the judge’s examination.

GAIT: The action of movement of the dog. Generally speaking, a sound and balanced gait usually indicates proper conformation and structure.

BREED TYPE: The manifestation of those unique traits and characteristics of a dog that distinguish it as a particular breed.

BENCHED SHOW: A show where dogs are required to be on assigned benches while not being shown. This allows all concerned – spectators, breeders, handlers and owners – the opportunity to interact, ask questions, and share information about the various breeds.

LIMITED ENTRY: Where the entry is governed by certain parameters set by the club, such as total number of dogs or champions only; or in Junior Showmanship, a certain number of qualifying wins for the handler.

CATALOG: The compilation by breed of all dogs entered in the show, listing armband numbers, birthdates, sire and dam, breeders and owners.