Obedience 101

What is a dog obedience trial?

Obedience trials showcase dogs that have been trained and conditioned to behave well at home, in public places, and in the presence of other dogs. AKC Obedience trials allow exhibitors and their dogs to enjoy companionship and competition as they proudly earn AKC titles.

Who is eligible to compete at this trial?

The top 250 dogs based on Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) points earned will receive invitations to compete. Entries will then be selected on a first received basis. There will be 30 dogs entered in this competition. Each dog will compete in a preliminary round. All dogs will then move on to the final round and compete for the coveted title of Masters Obedience Champion.

What breeds can I expect to see at this event?

 All breeds are involved in AKC Obedience. The most popular breeds currently are Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and German Shepherd Dogs. All-American Dogs (mixed breeds) are also eligible to compete. The sport of dog obedience is practiced as an activity that demonstrates a handler and dog’s ability to work as a team. The breed of dog may pose certain challenges in training and handling, but a competitor is not restricted as to type of dog. Therefore, obedience is a sport for all dogs.

 How is this trial different from other obedience trials?

At the Masters Obedience Championship at Westminster you see dogs performing a freestyle routine, which may include items such as costumes, tricks and dance moves. This is an exciting and fun element of our trial for both the spectator and exhibitor. It showcases the amazing talent of our teams.

How can obedience benefit the relationship between you and your dog?

  •  Obedience can help correct nuisance behaviors such as jumping on people, digging, barking, and chewing, while providing mental and physical activities for your dog.
  • Deepen the bond between you and your dog while increasing the enjoyment, companionship, and satisfaction of your relationship with your dog.
  •  Ensure your dog's safety and happiness.
  • Nurture good canine companionship for the benefit of your family, neighborhood, and community.
  • Allow you to enjoy the fun and excitement of competing in AKC events. You and your dog can earn ribbons, certificates, and titles while you continue to strengthen your communication and teamwork.

For more information visit: westminsterkennelclub.org