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Schedule By Breed - 2022

JUNE 20TH   |   JUNE 21ST  |   JUNE 22ND

Monday, June 20th

Afghan Hounds12:15 PM
American English Coonhounds33:00 PM
American Foxhounds33:00 PM
Australian Cattle Dogs410:45 AM
Australian Shepherds412:30 PM
Azawakhs19:00 AM
Basenjis310:00 AM
Basset Hounds311:00 AM
Beagles, Not Exceeding 13 In.212:30 PM
Beagles, Over 13 In. But Not Exceeding 15 In.22:30 PM
Bearded Collies51:00 PM
Beaucerons59:00 AM
Belgian Laekenois43:30 PM
Belgian Malinois49:00 AM
Belgian Sheepdogs49:00 AM
Belgian Tervuren43:30 PM
Bergamasco Sheepdogs53:15 PM
Berger Picards53:15 PM
Black and Tan Coonhounds29:00 AM
Bloodhounds29:00 AM
Bluetick Coonhounds29:00 AM
Border Collies69:00 AM
Borzois110:45 AM
Bouviers des Flandres511:15 AM
Briards612:45 PM
Canaan Dogs69:00 AM
Cardigan Welsh Corgis612:45 PM
Cirnechi dell'Etna311:00 AM
Collies (Rough)62:30 PM
Collies (Smooth)62:30 PM
Dachshunds (Longhaired)22:30 PM
Dachshunds (Smooth)212:30 PM
Dachshunds (Wirehaired)212:30 PM
English Foxhounds210:15 AM
Finnish Lapphunds511:15 AM
German Shepherd Dogs59:00 AM
Grand Basset Griffon Vendeens33:00 PM
Greyhounds11:00 PM
Harriers29:00 AM
Ibizan Hounds38:30 AM
Icelandic Sheepdogs42:15 PM
Irish Wolfhounds33:00 PM
Miniature American Shepherds610:30 AM
Mudik52:15 PM
Norwegian Buhunds42:15 PM
Norwegian Elkhounds33:00 PM
OBEDIENCE Open Class B91:30 PM
OBEDIENCE Utility Class B99:00 AM
Old English Sheepdogs42:15 PM
Otterhounds33:00 PM
Pembroke Welsh Corgis62:30 PM
Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens210:15 AM
Pharaoh Hounds38:30 AM
Plott Hounds210:15 AM
Polish Lowland Sheepdogs612:45 PM
Portuguese Podengo Pequenos210:15 AM
Pulik52:15 PM
Pumik510:15 AM
Pyrenean Shepherds51:00 PM
Redbone Coonhounds29:00 AM
Rhodesian Ridgebacks31:00 PM
Salukis11:00 PM
Scottish Deerhounds12:15 PM
Shetland Sheepdogs611:45 AM
Sloughis11:00 PM
Spanish Water Dogs510:15 AM
Swedish Vallhunds51:00 PM
Treeing Walker Coonhounds12:15 PM
Whippets19:00 AM


Tuesday, June 21st

Affenpinschers31:00 PM
Airedale Terriers68:30 AM
American Eskimo Dogs19:00 AM
American Hairless Terriers710:15 AM
American Staffordshire Terriers72:45 PM
Australian Terriers811:00 AM
Bedlington Terriers83:15 PM
Bichons Frises11:00 PM
Biewer Terriers71:30 PM
Border Terriers89:30 AM
Boston Terriers410:30 AM
Brussels Griffons310:00 AM
Bull Terriers (Colored)79:00 AM
Bull Terriers (White)79:00 AM
Bulldogs28:30 AM
Cairn Terriers88:30 AM
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels42:45 PM
Cesky Terriers82:00 PM
Chihuahuas (Long Coat)59:00 AM
Chihuahuas (Smooth Coat)59:00 AM
Chinese Cresteds511:00 AM
Chinese Shar-Pei21:00 PM
Chow Chows21:00 PM
Cotons de Tulear110:15 AM
Dalmatians21:45 PM
Dandie Dinmont Terriers72:45 PM
English Toy Spaniels (Blenheim & Prince Charles)311:15 AM
English Toy Spaniels (King Charles & Ruby)311:15 AM
Finnish Spitz511:00 AM
Fox Terriers (Smooth)82:00 PM
Fox Terriers (Wire)83:15 PM
French Bulldogs29:45 AM
Glen of Imaal Terriers79:00 AM
Havanese62:00 PM
Irish Terriers612:30 PM
Italian Greyhounds32:15 PM
Japanese Chin59:00 AM
Junior Showmanship Competition711:30 AM
Junior Showmanship Competition512:45 PM
Keeshonden13:00 PM
Kerry Blue Terriers612:30 PM
Lakeland Terriers710:15 AM
Lhasa Apsos62:00 PM
Lowchen110:15 AM
Maltese63:30 PM
Manchester Terriers (Standard)712:45 PM
Manchester Terriers (Toy)32:15 PM
Miniature Bull Terriers710:15 AM
Miniature Pinschers31:00 PM
Miniature Schnauzers610:00 AM
Norfolk Terriers89:30 AM
Norwich Terriers812:45 PM
Papillons52:00 PM
Parson Russell Terriers610:00 AM
Pekingese412:45 PM
Pomeranians41:30 PM
Poodles (Miniature)21:45 PM
Poodles (Standard)23:00 PM
Poodles (Toy)211:30 AM
Pugs48:30 AM
Rat Terriers79:00 AM
Russell Terriers68:30 AM
Russian Toys63:30 PM
Schipperkes110:15 AM
Scottish Terriers71:30 PM
Sealyham Terriers72:45 PM
Shiba Inu63:30 PM
Shih Tzu31:00 PM
Silky Terriers52:00 PM
Skye Terriers811:00 AM
Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers612:30 PM
Staffordshire Bull Terriers612:30 PM
Tibetan Spaniels19:00 AM
Tibetan Terriers12:00 PM
Toy Fox Terriers310:00 AM
Welsh Terriers79:00 AM
West Highland White Terriers72:45 PM
Xoloitzcuintli13:00 PM
Yorkshire Terriers52:00 PM

Wednesday, June 22nd

Akitas710:45 AM
Alaskan Malamutes68:00 AM
Anatolian Shepherd Dogs82:15 PM
Barbets52:15 PM
Bernese Mountain Dogs612:00 PM
Black Russian Terriers82:15 PM
Boerboels79:30 AM
Boxers79:30 AM
Brittanys511:15 AM
Bullmastiffs810:15 AM
Cane Corsos69:45 AM
Chinooks82:15 PM
Doberman Pinschers72:15 PM
Dogo Argentinos61:15 PM
Dogues de Bordeaux62:15 PM
German Pinschers812:45 PM
Giant Schnauzers82:15 PM
Great Danes71:00 PM
Great Pyrenees62:15 PM
Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs68:00 AM
Junior Showmanship Competition711:30 AM
Junior Showmanship Competition51:00 PM
Komondorok812:45 PM
Kuvaszok79:30 AM
Lagotti Romagnoli411:15 AM
Leonbergers812:45 PM
Mastiffs88:30 AM
Neapolitan Mastiffs812:45 PM
Nederlandse Kooikerhondjes411:15 AM
Newfoundlands88:30 AM
Pointers11:00 PM
Pointers (German Shorthaired)19:00 AM
Pointers (German Wirehaired)12:00 PM
Portuguese Water Dogs61:15 PM
Retrievers (Chesapeake Bay)29:00 AM
Retrievers (Curly-Coated)29:00 AM
Retrievers (Flat-Coated)210:15 AM
Retrievers (Golden)21:00 PM
Retrievers (Labrador)59:00 AM
Retrievers (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)41:00 PM
Rottweilers78:00 AM
Saint Bernards88:30 AM
Samoyeds611:00 AM
Setters (English)110:15 AM
Setters (Gordon)12:00 PM
Setters (Irish Red and White)110:15 AM
Setters (Irish)12:00 PM
Siberian Huskies63:30 PM
Spaniels (American Water)39:00 AM
Spaniels (Boykin)312:30 PM
Spaniels (Clumber)310:15 AM
Spaniels (Cocker) A.S.C.O.B.32:00 PM
Spaniels (Cocker) Black32:00 PM
Spaniels (Cocker) Parti-Color310:15 AM
Spaniels (English Cocker)32:00 PM
Spaniels (English Springer)312:30 PM
Spaniels (Field)39:00 AM
Spaniels (Irish Water)52:15 PM
Spaniels (Sussex)39:00 AM
Spaniels (Welsh Springer)310:15 AM
Spinoni Italiani52:15 PM
Standard Schnauzers82:15 PM
Tibetan Mastiffs69:45 AM
Vizslas410:00 AM
Weimaraners210:15 AM
Wirehaired Pointing Griffons41:00 PM
Wirehaired Vizslas411:15 AM