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Event Format

First Two Rounds will consist of a Standard & Jumpers With Weaves course.

  1. Judging will begin at 8:00AM and each dog will be required to run on both courses.
  2. Dogs must qualify in at least one of the preliminary rounds in order to be eligible to compete in the Championship round.

The Championship Round

  1. This course is designed as a "Time To Beat" style course with a dog walk added.
  2. The Scoring system for eligibility into the Championship round will be inclusive of a combined score from both preliminary rounds.
  3. There will be a total of 50 dogs competing in the Championship round. Ten dogs from each of the five height classes will be in contention for the title of The Masters Agility Champion.
  4. Dogs will be awarded 1st through 4th places in their respective height class. The scores of the 1st place winnersfrom each height class will then be recalculated and an overall winner will be awarded the coveted title. There will also be an award for the Highest Scoring Mixed Breed In Trial.