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Breed Judging Schedule 2023

AffenpinschersMon/9:30 AMWatch Here
Afghan HoundsMon/12:30 PMWatch Here
American English CoonhoundsMon/11:45 AMWatch Here
American Eskimo DogsMon/1:45 PMWatch Here
American FoxhoundsMon/8:00 AMWatch Here
Australian Cattle DogsMon/11:15 AMWatch Here
Australian ShepherdsMon/2:15 PMWatch Here
AzawakhsMon/2:15 PMWatch Here
BasenjisMon/3:15 PMWatch Here
Basset HoundsMon/8:00 AMWatch Here
Beagles, Not Exceeding 13 In.Mon/9:30 AMWatch Here
Beagles, Over 13 In. But Not Exceeding 15 In.Mon/10:30 AMWatch Here
Bearded ColliesMon/11:30 AMWatch Here
BeauceronsMon/10:15 AMWatch Here
Belgian LaekenoisMon/2:45 PMWatch Here
Belgian MalinoisMon/12:15 PMWatch Here
Belgian SheepdogsMon/12:15 PMWatch Here
Belgian TervurenMon/2:45 PMWatch Here
Bergamasco SheepdogsMon/10:15 AMWatch Here
Berger PicardsMon/9:15 AMWatch Here
Bichons FrisesMon/9:30 AMWatch Here
Biewer TerriersMon/1:00 PMWatch Here
Black and Tan CoonhoundsMon/8:00 AMWatch Here
BloodhoundsMon/8:00 AMWatch Here
Bluetick CoonhoundsMon/8:00 AMWatch Here
Border ColliesMon/8:00 AMWatch Here
BorzoisMon/10:15 AMWatch Here
Boston TerriersMon/12:45 PMWatch Here
Bouviers des FlandresMon/1:00 PMWatch Here
BriardsMon/10:15 AMWatch Here
Brussels GriffonsMon/1:00 PMWatch Here
BulldogsMon/8:00 AMWatch Here
Canaan DogsMon/8:00 AMWatch Here
Cardigan Welsh CorgisMon/10:15 AMWatch Here
Cavalier King Charles SpanielsMon/10:30 AMWatch Here
Chihuahuas (Long Coat)Mon/12:45 PMWatch Here
Chihuahuas (Smooth Coat)Mon/11:00 AMWatch Here
Chinese CrestedsMon/9:00 AMWatch Here
Chinese Shar-PeiMon/2:45 PMWatch Here
Chow ChowsMon/2:45 PMWatch Here
Cirneco dell'EtnaMon/12:15 PMWatch Here
Collies (Rough)Mon/11:30 AMWatch Here
Collies (Smooth)Mon/9:15 AMWatch Here
Cotons de TulearMon/8:00 AMWatch Here
Dachshunds (Longhaired)Mon/10:30 AMWatch Here
Dachshunds (Smooth)Mon/8:00 AMWatch Here
Dachshunds (Wirehaired)Mon/9:30 AMWatch Here
DalmatiansMon/8:00 AMWatch Here
English FoxhoundsMon/8:00 AMWatch Here
English Toy Spaniels (Blenheim & Prince Charles)Mon/12:45 PMWatch Here
English Toy Spaniels (King Charles & Ruby)Mon/9:15 AMWatch Here
Finnish LapphundsMon/12:30 PMWatch Here
French BulldogsMon/9:15 AMWatch Here
German Shepherd DogsMon/2:45 PMWatch Here
Grand Basset Griffon VendeensMon/12:30 PMWatch Here
GreyhoundsMon/1:15 PMWatch Here
HarriersMon/12:15 PMWatch Here
HavaneseMon/12:45 PMWatch Here
Ibizan HoundsMon/2:15 PMWatch Here
Icelandic SheepdogsMon/1:45 PMWatch Here
Irish WolfhoundsMon/2:45 PMWatch Here
Italian GreyhoundsMon/9:00 AMWatch Here
Japanese ChinMon/10:30 AMWatch Here
Junior Showmanship CompetitionMon/12:45 PMWatch Here
Junior Showmanship CompetitionMon/11:15 AMWatch Here
KeeshondenMon/2:45 PMWatch Here
Lhasa ApsosMon/11:00 AMWatch Here
LowchenMon/8:00 AMWatch Here
MalteseMon/10:30 AMWatch Here
Manchester Terriers (Toy)Mon/9:30 AMWatch Here
Miniature American ShepherdsMon/2:45 PMWatch Here
Miniature PinschersMon/9:15 AMWatch Here
MudiMon/1:45 PMWatch Here
Norwegian BuhundsMon/8:00 AMWatch Here
Norwegian ElkhoundsMon/3:15 PMWatch Here
Old English SheepdogsMon/1:45 PMWatch Here
OtterhoundsMon/3:45 PMWatch Here
PapillonsMon/8:00 AMWatch Here
PekingeseMon/9:15 AMWatch Here
Pembroke Welsh CorgisMon/1:00 PMWatch Here
Petits Bassets Griffons VendeensMon/8:00 AMWatch Here
Pharaoh HoundsMon/3:15 PMWatch Here
Plott HoundMon/11:45 AMWatch Here
Polish Lowland SheepdogsMon/12:30 PMWatch Here
PomeraniansMon/12:45 PMWatch Here
Poodles (Miniature)Mon/9:15 AMWatch Here
Poodles (Standard)Mon/1:45 PMWatch Here
Poodles (Toy)Mon/11:30 AMWatch Here
Portuguese Podengo PequenosMon/10:15 AMWatch Here
PugsMon/8:00 AMWatch Here
PulikMon/2:45 PMWatch Here
PumikMon/2:45 PMWatch Here
Pyrenean ShepherdsMon/11:15 AMWatch Here
Redbone CoonhoundsMon/11:45 AMWatch Here
Rhodesian RidgebacksMon/8:00 AMWatch Here
Russian ToysMon/12:45 PMWatch Here
SalukisMon/1:15 PMWatch Here
SchipperkesMon/8:00 AMWatch Here
Scottish DeerhoundsMon/1:15 PMWatch Here
Shetland SheepdogsMon/9:15 AMWatch Here
Shiba InuMon/1:45 PMWatch Here
Shih TzuMon/12:45 PMWatch Here
Silky TerriersMon/10:30 AMWatch Here
SloughisMon/12:15 PMWatch Here
Spanish Water DogsMon/12:30 PMWatch Here
Swedish VallhundsMon/9:15 AMWatch Here
Tibetan SpanielsMon/9:30 AMWatch Here
Tibetan TerriersMon/11:00 AMWatch Here
Toy Fox TerriersMon/11:00 AMWatch Here
Treeing Walker CoonhoundsMon/3:45 PMWatch Here
WhippetsMon/2:45 PMWatch Here
XoloitzcuintliMon/1:45 PMWatch Here
Yorkshire TerriersMon/1:00 PMWatch Here
Airedale TerriersTue/11:15 AMWatch Here
AkitasTue/9:30 AMWatch Here
Alaskan MalamutesTue/8:00 AMWatch Here
American Hairless TerriersTue/10:00 AMWatch Here
American Staffordshire TerriersTue/9:00 AMWatch Here
Anatolian Shepherd DogsTue/11:00 AMWatch Here
Australian TerriersTue/10:45 AMWatch Here
BarbetsTue/2:00 PMWatch Here
Bedlington TerriersTue/9:00 AMWatch Here
Bernese Mountain DogsTue/3:15 PMWatch Here
Black Russian TerriersTue/9:00 AMWatch Here
BoerboelsTue/11:00 AMWatch Here
Border TerriersTue/8:00 AMWatch Here
BoxersTue/12:45 PMWatch Here
Bracco ItalianoTue/1:00 PMWatch Here
BrittanysTue/9:00 AMWatch Here
Bull Terriers (Colored)Tue/9:00 AMWatch Here
Bull Terriers (White)Tue/9:00 AMWatch Here
BullmastiffsTue/8:00 AMWatch Here
Cairn TerriersTue/1:00 PMWatch Here
Cane CorsosTue/2:15 PMWatch Here
Cesky TerriersTue/9:00 AMWatch Here
ChinooksTue/1:00 PMWatch Here
Dandie Dinmont TerriersTue/1:00 PMWatch Here
Doberman PinschersTue/1:00 PMWatch Here
Dogo ArgentinosTue/2:15 PMWatch Here
Dogues de BordeauxTue/11:00 AMWatch Here
Fox Terriers (Smooth)Tue/1:00 PMWatch Here
Fox Terriers (Wire)Tue/11:15 AMWatch Here
German PinschersTue/8:00 AMWatch Here
Giant SchnauzersTue/2:00 PMWatch Here
Glen of Imaal TerriersTue/8:00 AMWatch Here
Great DanesTue/2:00 PMWatch Here
Great PyreneesTue/2:15 PMWatch Here
Greater Swiss Mountain DogsTue/8:00 AMWatch Here
Irish TerriersTue/9:00 AMWatch Here
Junior Showmanship CompetitionTue/10:30 AMWatch Here
Junior Showmanship CompetitionTue/12:30 PMWatch Here
Kerry Blue TerriersTue/1:00 PMWatch Here
KomondorokTue/9:45 AMWatch Here
KuvaszokTue/9:45 AMWatch Here
Lagotti RomagnoliTue/11:30 AMWatch Here
Lakeland TerriersTue/1:00 PMWatch Here
LeonbergersTue/9:45 AMWatch Here
Manchester Terriers (Standard)Tue/10:00 AMWatch Here
MastiffsTue/8:00 AMWatch Here
Miniature Bull TerriersTue/10:15 AMWatch Here
Miniature SchnauzersTue/9:00 AMWatch Here
Neapolitan MastiffsTue/11:00 AMWatch Here
Nederlandse KooikerhondjesTue/2:00 PMWatch Here
NewfoundlandsTue/10:45 AMWatch Here
Norfolk TerriersTue/10:45 AMWatch Here
Norwich TerriersTue/10:45 AMWatch Here
Parson Russell TerriersTue/11:00 AMWatch Here
PointersTue/1:00 PMWatch Here
Pointers (German Shorthaired)Tue/1:00 PMWatch Here
Pointers (German Wirehaired)Tue/8:00 AMWatch Here
Portuguese Water DogsTue/1:00 PMWatch Here
Rat TerriersTue/1:00 PMWatch Here
Retrievers (Chesapeake Bay)Tue/2:00 PMWatch Here
Retrievers (Curly-Coated)Tue/8:30 AMWatch Here
Retrievers (Flat-Coated)Tue/10:00 AMWatch Here
Retrievers (Golden)Tue/1:15 PMWatch Here
Retrievers (Labrador)Tue/10:15 AMWatch Here
Retrievers (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)Tue/8:30 AMWatch Here
RottweilersTue/12:45 PMWatch Here
Russell TerriersTue/10:00 AMWatch Here
SamoyedsTue/9:00 AMWatch Here
Scottish TerriersTue/11:00 AMWatch Here
Sealyham TerriersTue/1:00 PMWatch Here
Setters (English)Tue/8:00 AMWatch Here
Setters (Gordon)Tue/1:00 PMWatch Here
Setters (Irish Red and White)Tue/8:00 AMWatch Here
Setters (Irish)Tue/9:45 AMWatch Here
Siberian HuskiesTue/3:00 PMWatch Here
Skye TerriersTue/1:00 PMWatch Here
Soft Coated Wheaten TerriersTue/1:00 PMWatch Here
Spaniels (American Water)Tue/10:45 AMWatch Here
Spaniels (Boykin)Tue/3:15 PMWatch Here
Spaniels (Clumber)Tue/10:45 AMWatch Here
Spaniels (Cocker) A.S.C.O.B.Tue/12:15 PMWatch Here
Spaniels (Cocker) BlackTue/10:45 AMWatch Here
Spaniels (Cocker) Parti-ColorTue/3:15 PMWatch Here
Spaniels (English Cocker)Tue/12:15 PMWatch Here
Spaniels (English Springer)Tue/3:15 PMWatch Here
Spaniels (Field)Tue/3:15 PMWatch Here
Spaniels (Irish Water)Tue/12:15 PMWatch Here
Spaniels (Sussex)Tue/10:45 AMWatch Here
Spaniels (Welsh Springer)Tue/3:15 PMWatch Here
Spinone ItalianoTue/9:00 AMWatch Here
St. BernardsTue/8:00 AMWatch Here
Staffordshire Bull TerriersTue/10:15 AMWatch Here
Standard SchnauzersTue/11:00 AMWatch Here
Tibetan MastiffsTue/9:30 AMWatch Here
VizslasTue/11:30 AMWatch Here
WeimaranersTue/3:30 PMWatch Here
Welsh TerriersTue/10:15 AMWatch Here
West Highland White TerriersTue/1:00 PMWatch Here
Wirehaired Pointing GriffonsTue/3:30 PMWatch Here
Wirehaired VizslasTue/8:30 AMWatch Here