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Commercial Advertising Contract

Please insert one full page black and white advertisement in the official catalogue of The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, for which I agree to pay the sum of $350.00.

Please Note:

  1. All advertisements are subject to acceptance by The Westminster Kennel Club.
  2. All copy and photography is to be supplied by the advertiser.
  3. Rate includes the cost of one (1) reproduction, in black and white; each additional reproduction requires an additional $20.00.
  4. There are no agency discounts.
  5. No film or negatives will be accepted.
  6. If you are providing a disk, please be sure to include a hard copy of the entire ad.
  7. If you would like your photo and/or disk returned, please print your name and address clearly on the back of all items.
  8. Please make your check payable to The Westminster Kennel Club.
  9. Kindly send payment, this contract and your ad material to the address above. Payment must be mailed with contract and ad materials.
  10. You can email your ad and contract to with a copy to

Thank you for your support of our 142nd show!


To pay by credit card, please complete the following information:

Name on Card: ________________________________________________________________

Credit card number: _________________________               Expiration date: ________________

Signature: _____________________________________________  Amount:  ___________


Name:  ____________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________

Address:  _________________________________



Email:    ____________________________________