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FAQ for News Media

What is a Dog Show?

The basic purpose of a dog show is to facilitate the evaluation of breeding stock to be used in producing the next generations.

What is a Benched Dog Show?

Westminster is one of the few clubs that continue to hold a benched dog show. The dogs competing are staged on benches categorized by breed throughout the day of competition. This benching allows the public to easily see all the breeds entered, speak with owners, breeders, and handlers to learn more about the dogs.

Can People Touch the Dogs?

Benched shows are the perfect place for the public to see and touch all 209 breeds. Proper etiquette requires that you always ask the owner first, as the dog may be close to entering the competition ring.

What is the Masters Agility Championship at Westminster?

Our agility competition will display the country’s greatest canine athletes (purebreds and mixed breeds) and their handlers excitedly attack an obstacle course of jumps, tunnels, weave poles, and more, in entertaining races against the clocks.

What is the Masters Obedience Championship at Westminster?

The obedience competition highlights the responsiveness of dogs (purebreds and mixed breeds) to their handlers’ commands. At this special event, top-ranked dogs and their handlers will be judged on a combination of exercises including directed jumping, scent discrimination and drop on recall. It is a terrific demonstration of how training and teamwork can make an incredibly close dog and human bond.

How Can I Follow Events Online?

Westminster has many social accounts in addition to its website which will be posting results and streaming video coverage throughout Westminster Week. 

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Where Can I Buy Tickets?

Please see here for ticket information.