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Step Three: Dog Ownership


Once the puppy or dog comes into your home it is just like bringing home a newborn baby. That dog’s quality of life is your responsibility. It will be up to you to guide them into becoming a well-adjusted member of the family. Don’t worry!  You’ve got this. With a little help, you will be setting this puppy or dog up for a long, adventure-filled life. Here is a list of a few things to remember and research further:

Puppy training


  • Pup training

  • Brushing

  • Bath time

  • Teeth cleaning

  • Nail trimming

Exercise for Life

  • Puppy activities

  • Adult regimens

  • Senior support

Nutrition Needs

  • Puppy growth

  • Adult maintenance

  • Senior needs

Veterinary Care

  • Examination training

  • Insurance for dogs

  • Vaccinations

  • Regular care schedule