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Mr. Ben Gibbs

MR. BEN GIBBS of Kingsport, Tennessee picked up Deacon, a fuzzy little German Shepherd Dog puppy, in 2005 and how his life would soon change. During a basic obedience class, the sport of agility was introduced to Mr. Gibbs and Deacon, and a new passion was born. Deacon was the perfect agility partner, introducing him to a whole new world of people, friendships, and a shared love for an amazing sport. In 2007 the sport of agility also introduced Mr. Gibbs to the love of his life, Rhonda, and they were married in 2011. Deacon went on to earn a PACH, several Obedience titles and was a Therapy Dog.

Mr. Gibbs' love of agility sparked an interest in judging, and he was licensed to judge in 2015. He says, "There is only one thing more thrilling than seeing a team run a course like it is a dance and working together to accomplishing goals…and that is when I get to run!" He and Rhonda live in the beautiful foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Kingsport, Tennessee, with four Toy Poodles and two Border Collies. This is his first judging assignment at Westminster.