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Mr. Richard Powell

MR. RICHARD W. POWELL of Palmyra, Pennsylvania has been involved with purebred dogs practically all his life. He started with English Cocker Spaniels before successfully breeding and showing English Setters in his native England. He always wanted to exhibit and breed terriers, so he began working for top handlers in California before embarking on his terrier handling career. He and his wife Sue moved east and bought a kennel and small farm in Pennsylvania. Many breeds of terriers were bred and shown, but perhaps the best known were the Flatford and Hapitails Welsh terriers co-owned with the late Elizabeth Leaman. 

Mr. Powell has judged several national specialties, including many national terrier specialties and assignments overseas in England, Europe, and South America. He is approved to judge the Terrier, Sporting, and Toy groups, several Working and Hound breeds, and Best in Show. This is his second Westminster assignment.