Ms. Beth Sweigart

Breed Judge  

Location: Bowmansville, PA

Ms. Beth Sweigart was born on Long Island and raised with Labrador Retrievers and Beagles, her father’s field dogs. Ms. Sweigart has been involved in breeding and showing dogs since the late 1960s. She lived in Virginia for 15 years, breeding and showing Labrador Retrievers, Norwich Terriers, and Norfolk Terriers.  She then moved back to Long Island and showed dogs professionally, managing Childley Kennel and teaming with Peter Green as part of the “Green Team.”  Ms. Sweigart retired from handling in 2006 to become a judge, but she still shows her own dogs. She has officiated at national specialties for Labrador Retrievers, Norfolk and Norwich Terriers. This is her third Westminster assignment.