Don Farage

MR. DON FARAGE of BARTLETT, TENNESEE has been training and showing for more than 25 years. He and his wife Alicia started with a Miniature Schnauzer named Beau, who earned a CD obedience title and an NA agility title. Later they added their first conformation dog to the house with a Standard Schnauzer named Kaysee, also did obedience and earned MX/MXJ agility titles. After running friends’ herding dogs and wanting to train something other than a Schnauzer, they acquired Piper the Border Collie. Piper and Mr. Farage completed the MACH4 title. Since Piper (a rescue) retired, they’ve added another Border Collie named Grace. Mr. Farage and his wife still have two Standard Schnauzers at home. He started judging AKC Agility in 2003 and judged many events including the National Agility Championship and World Team try-outs. This is his first judging assignment at Westminster.