Ms. Lynn F. Eggers

Obedience Judge  

Location: Grapevine, TX

Lynn Eggers began her career in dogs in 1961 with a miniature Poodle who became her first obedience Utility Dog. She subsequently owned and trained her first Doberman Pinscher, who became 1967’s top-winning Doberman in the country. Thus began her long passion for the sport of dogs.

Eggers has bred Doberman Pinschers for 43 years under the kennel name “Foxhall.” She is very proud to have bred and owned the first AKC Champion bitch with a Schutzhund 3 title. Eggers began judging obedience in 1968 and has continued her love of the sport for 47 years. A judge of all levels of obedience and rally who has judged in virtually every state in the United States. This is her first assignment at Westminster.