Clay Coady

CLAY COADY of PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA competed in his first dog show at the age of 12, with his first purebred dog, a Samoyed named Snow. He didn’t win, but it ignited a passion for the sport of purebred dogs. His career in dogs started when he was a teenager working for Ben Brown and, later, Larry Downey. In early adulthood, he began a successful professional handling career with his then wife Bergit. Mr. Coady handled some of the top-winning dogs of their time, as well as finishing and specializing dogs in every group. Mr. Coady retired from handling in 1999 to focus on his pet related business interests in the Phoenix, Arizona area. He has been judging since 2001, and presently is approved to judge breeds in every group as well as the Sporting, Working, and Terrier groups, and Best in Show. This is his fourth judging assignment at Westminster.