Mr. William P. Shelton

Mr. Shelton of Pomona, CA has had a lifelong passion for all animals, particularly canines, and the sport of purebred dogs. Managing a successful professional handling career that spans decades, his passion for the Coventry Pembroke Welsh Corgis is conspicuous by this family’s phenomenal success in our sport today. In 2012, and again in 2017 The breeding program was honored with a Winkie Achievement Award As “Breeder of the Year.” The Coventry PWC was once again honored in 2018 being AKC Herding dog breeder of the year.

Mr. Shelton is an active advocate for responsible preservation breeders, the dogs they purposefully breed, their advanced education, and the autonomy for all breeders to continue as the lifeblood of our cultural heritage. He recognizes the importance and works at enlightening legislators and the general public to the benefits of owning a purebred dog acquired from a responsible preservation breeder. Mr. Shelton writes as a columnist and has lectured for the AKC and other organizations at events across this country, and abroad expediting the success of both breeders, and judges alike. He was presented a Show Dogs of the Year Winkie Award for “Judge of the Year” in 2017. He is approved to judge Hound, Working and Herding groups, Junior Showmanship and Best in Show. This will be his first assignment at Westminster.