Mr. Terry Stacy

Breed Judge  

Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Mr. Terry Stacy purchased his first Cocker Spaniel in 1952 and began showing in 1953. By 1955 he bred his first two Cocker Spaniel champions. He attended Marietta College in Ohio and continued his breeding and showing. In the 1960s he became the kennel manager for Downsbraugh Kennels of Mr. & Mrs. William Brainard. After a two-year tour in the U.S. Army he became an all-breed professional handler for 15 years. Later Mr. Stacy became a licensed Dog Show Superintendent before he went to work for the American Kennel Club for 15 years. After retiring from AKC as its Senior Vice President of Dog Events, he began his judging career. Mr. Stacy has judged many major shows through out the world and previously judged the Westminster Sporting Group. This is his fourth Westminster assignment.