Meet and Compete

The Westminster Kennel Club & The American Kennel Club Present
Featuring The 3rd Annual Masters Agility Championship At Westminster &
AKC’s Meet The Breeds, Brought To You By Purina Pro Plan

The Westminster Kennel Club is pleased to announce this years’ combined event, which will showcase some of the most talented K9 athletes in the country, at The 3rd Annual Masters AgilityChampionship and the world of purebred dogs at the American Kennel Club’s Meet The Breeds.

This year we have expanded Meet The Breeds, to be held on both Pier’s 92 & 94, which will allow for a more enjoyable and better flowing spectator experience. Dog lovers will have the opportunity to interact with hundreds of cuddly canines at the 7th annual event, all while learning about responsible pet ownership and what breed might be right for their lifestyle. Elaborately decorated booths depicted fun elements of each breed’s history and attendees learned about each dog from the experts themselves – breeders, enthusiasts, trainers and groomers.

The Westminster Kennel Club, FOX Sports 1 and Purina Pro Plan made it happen in 2014 & 2015 and will team up once again for The 3rd Annual Masters Agility Championship at Westminster. Consistent with the prior years, the event will feature dogs and their handlers excitedly attacking an obstacle course of jumps, tunnels, weave poles, and more, racing against the clock. The trial, to be held at New York’s Pier 94 on Saturday, Feb. 13th, 2016 precedes Westminster’s 140th Annual All Breed Dog Show on the following Monday and Tuesday.

The entry is limited to dogs that have attained Master titles (MX and MXJ, or MXP and MJP) at the time of entry. These talented teams have trained tirelessly to achieve these titles and are proud to showcase their effort

As with last year, both purebred dogs and mixed breeds are eligible. That includes purebred dogs, mixed breeds registered in the AKC’s Canine Partners program, Miscellaneous breeds not yet eligible for conformation competition, Foundation Stock Service recorded breeds, and Purebred Alternative Listing dogs (purebred dogs that cannot be fully registered).

The Mixed Breed category is especially significant, as we once again bring non-purebred dogs to a Westminster event, celebrating the dogs in all our lives.

The competition is divided into five height classes – 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 inches, which refer to the height of the jumps in that class. Dogs compete in the class appropriate for their size. At Westminster, each dog will compete in two qualifying rounds – a Standard Agility course and a Jumpers with Weaves course. Scoring for eligibility to the Championship round will be the combined actual running time of both runs, plus any faults (refusal/run-out, wrong course, table fault, failure) and course time faults. Dogs will be placed in order of the lowest combined score within their true AKC jump height. The ten dogs from each height class with the lowest combined scores will move on to the televised Championship round Saturday evening, creating a field of 50 finalists competing for the coveted title of Westminster Kennel Club Masters Agility Champion.

The championship course will be a hybrid of the qualifying rounds and will be run as a ‘time to beat’ course, where the first dog will set the baseline time for the subsequent competitors.

We are please to have Ms. Kitty Bradley, of Boulder Colorado, and Mr. Nalle Jansson of Róke Sweden judge this years’ trial.

We hope that you will join us, live at Pier 94, on Saturday, February 13, 2016 beginning at 8AM or view the broadcast on FOX Sports 1. You are sure to enjoy all the fast paced action as our competitors run these challenging courses.