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Nova wins Westminster Kennel Club Cup

New Perpetual Trophy Offered By WKC at the AKC PB Gun Dog Championship

New York, N.Y. – The American Kennel Club and The Westminster Kennel Club are pleased to announce the dedication of the Westminster Kennel Club Cup, a perpetual trophy to be offered to the winner of the AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship. Westminster is well known for its prestigious dog show, the longest continuously-running dog event in the country, which was first held in 1877. At its inception, Westminster was a sportsmen’s association, with members largely interested in working their sporting dogs in the field. Westminster’s logo is a Pointer named Sensation; a dog that was imported by one of its members in the 1870’s to strengthen American breeding stock.

“The members of the Westminster Kennel Club want to recognize and express their appreciation for the innate skill, drive and human bond required of purpose-bred working dogs,” said Seán W. McCarthy, President of the WKC. “With our history and logo, we felt it appropriate to donate the trophy to the AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship. In a larger sense, we want to dedicate the spirit of this trophy to all the owners, breeders and hardworking trainers of all types of working dogs.”


The AKC Gun Dog Championship is the largest championship field event open to all pointing breeds in the country. The 2017 running of the event began today at the Camp Robinson Wildlife Management Area near Mayflower, Arkansas.

“The American Kennel Club is most thankful for this prestigious trophy. Coming from Westminster, an organization known throughout the world for its dog show, this trophy will serve to focus attention on the natural relationship that exists between conformation and the performance of sporting/working dogs,” said Doug Ljungren, Vice President of Sports & Events. “We are appreciative of Westminster’s encompassing view of purpose-bred dogs. All dog owners should consider participating in the performance events appropriate for their breed. It is fascinating to watch the awakening of their natural instincts.” Individuals or clubs interested in learning more about performance events that should contact AKC at

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