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Reserve Best in Show


1911*Not RecordedAiredale TerrierPrince of York G.W. Batson
1912Dr Henry Jarrett
Ralph C English
Charles Lyndon
Smooth Fox TerrierCH. Warren Distinct Winthrop Rutherfurd
1913Dr Henry Jarrett                      G Muss-Arnolt
Theodore Offerman, Referee
Wire Fox TerrierVickery Estelle Vickery Kennels
1914Midgeley MarsdenWire Fox TerrierCH. Vickery Fast Freight Vickery Kennels
1915Dr Henry Jarrett     Wire Fox TerrierWireboy of Paignton George W. Quintard
1916Charles G Hopton
Frank F Dole
Vinton P Breese
Fred Senn
W H Whittem
Scottish TerrierConqueror  *reported as Best of Opposite Sex to the BIS winnerMiss Jean B. Crawford
1917George S ThomasOld English SheepdogCH. SlumberMrs. Tyler Morse
1918Vinton P Breese
Charles G Hopton
George S Thomas, Referee
PekingesePhantom of AshcroftElbridge Gerry Snow, Jr.
1919Harry T Peters
Theodore Offerman
J Willoughby Mitchell
Bull TerrierCH. Haymarket FaultlessR.H. Elliott
1920Thomas S Bellin
William E Warne
Norman K Swire
GreyhoundCH. Lansdowne Sunflower Mrs. B.F. Lewis
1921Norman K Swire
Charles G Hopton
Dr J D De Mund, Referee
PekingeseCH. Phantom of Ashcroft Elbridge Gerry Snow, Jr.
1922G Muss-Arnolt
Vinton P Breese
Theodore Offerman
GreyhoundCH. Lansdowne Sunflower Mrs. B.F. Lewis
1923 There was no BEST IN SHOW award in 1923. The American Kennel Club barred interbreed competition for 1923
except in the Miscellaneous Class. Comprehensive new rules for Group & Best in Show judging were adopted effective for 1924.
1924Norman K Swire
Walter H Reeves
Shepherd DogCH. Dolf Von Dusternbrook *reported as 2nd in BIS competitionJosselle Kennels
1925Walter S Glynn
Theodore Offerman
Robert A Ross
Ralph C English
Airedale TerrierWar Bride of Davishill Davishill Kennels
  This award was discontinued in 1925. Beginning
in 2013, new American Kennel Club rules required the awarding of Reserve Best In Show.
2013Mr Michael J. DoughertyOld English SheepdogBugaboo’s Picture Perfect Colton and Heather Johnson
2014Mrs Betty Regina LeiningerStandard PoodleGCH Brighton Lakeridge Encore Toni Sosnoff & Martin Sosnoff
2015Hon. David MerriamSkye TerrierGCH Cragsmoor Good Time CharlieVictor Malzoni Jr. & Cragsmoor Kennels, Reg.
2016Dr. Richard MeenBorzoiCH Belisarius Jp My Sassy Girl Mai Ozeki
2017Mr Thomas H. Bradley 3dIrish SetterGCH Vermilion’s Sea BreezeSandra Nordstrom & Bruce & Mary Foote
2018Mrs. Betty-Anne StenmarkGiant SchnauzerGCH Ingebar's Tynan Dances With WildflowersSandra Nordstrom & Carol Mann & Maryann Bisceglia
2019Mr. Peter GreenHavaneseGCHG CH Oeste's In The Name Of LoveMary E King & Rafe H Schindler & Julie Vogel & Taffe McFadden
2020Mr. Robert H. SlayWhippetGCHG CH Pinnacle Kentucky BourbonJustin Smithey & Dr Ken Latimer & Judy Descutner & Nancy Shaw & Cheslie Smithey
2021Mrs. Patricia Craige TrotterWhippetGCHG CH Pinnacle Kentucky BourbonJustin Smithey & Dr Ken Latimer & Judy Descutner & Nancy Shaw & Cheslie Smithey
2022Dr. Don SturzFrench BulldogGCHP Fox Canyon's I Won the War at Goldshield CGCA CGCU TKNSandy Fox & Morgan Fox & Perry Payson & Alexandra Vorbeck