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WKC DVD Library Notes

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These DVD presentations of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show through the years vary in length and quality but represent the video and audio records that are available from our archives. Please read the descriptions in this chart before making your selection(s). In the early years, especially, these DVDs may be as short as three minutes. Given that, obviously, most of those before 1992 do not include all Groups as we have come to present on our FS1 telecasts. All of the DVDs from 1992-2014 include the entire Group and Best In Show competition. We would suggest that before purchasing, you research results from RECORDS AND HISTORY for a look at the great show dogs you may be seeing.

WKC DVD Library Notes
56th1932No Audio. Clips from the Non-Sporting Group, Working group, Sporting Group, Terrier Group, BIS judging. The Hon. Townsend Scudder judged BIS, awarding the Pointer, Nancolleth Markable. Pointer won from the classes.
58th1934No Audio. Children’s Classes, Terrier Group, Brace Class, Team Class, BIS judging. BIS judged by Dr. Henry Jarrett awards to Wire Fox Terrier, Ch. Flornell Spicy Bit of Halleston. Halleston kennels also won BIS in 1937 with Wire Fox Terrier Ch. Flornell Spicey Piece of Halleston.
59th1935Overall scenes of show, individual dogs named by breed,ending of BIS judging. BIS is judged by Alfred Maclay who awarded BIS to The Standard Poodle Ch. Nunsoe Duc de la Terrace of Blakeen. The first Poodle of any size to win BIS at WKC.
64th1940Show includes clips from grooming area, benching, breed rings, Children’s Handling, Obedience Demo, Mrs. Dodge awarding Working grp, Team Class, Wire Fox “Saddler” is shown, Cocker wins Sporting Grp, Awarding of Best Team, Basset and Foxhound Demo and BIS clip. Judged by Dr. Samuel Milbank awards BIS to black Cocker Spaniel Ch. My Own Brucie.
65th1941Puppies at home, people arriving and unloading at show, Children’s Handling Class, clips of Breed judging: Great Dane, Dachshund, English Setters, Standard Poodle, Obedience Demo, Dalmatians with FDNY, Hero Dog Award goes to “Tim” then BIS judging. BIS judges byJoseph Patterson Sims was awarded to Cocker Spaniel, Ch. My Own Brucie. This was the dog’s second consecutive BIS at WKC.
77th1953Breed ring clips for Grate Dane, Collie and Bulldog. Best Team in Show with Shelties and Maltese. BIS is judged by James A Farrell Jr. awarding A. Peter Knoop with Doberman Pinscher Ch. Rancho Dobe’s Storm. This is his second consecutive BIS at WKC. Followed by clip of Mutt Derby.
77th1953Feature of Doberman (Ch. Rancho Dobe’s Storm) at home then the event. Shows clips of the grooming area, benching and breed rings.Clips of Groups. Best Team in Show followed by BIS Judging.
80th1956Various shots of dogs at the show; BIS judging. Judge Paul Palmer awards BIS to the Toy Poodle Ch. Wilbur White Swan handled by Anne Hone Clark. First Toy Poodle to win BIS at WKC.
83rd1959Breed rings: Dobermans, Scottie, Wire Fox, Standard Poodle, Beagle, OES, Mini Poodle, Basset, Afghan, Bulldog, Boxer, Dachshund, Siberian Husky, Peke, Chihuahua. All Group Judging the BIS is judged by Thomas H. Carruthers III, who awards BIS to Mini Poodle Ch. Fontclair Festoon handled by Anne Rogers. Rogers’ second BIS win at WKC and the second time a Mini Poodle has won. BIS Am Bred (a Bulldog) is shown getting his win photo taken.
84th1960Breed rings: Eng. Springer, Great Dane, Dachshund, Irish Setter, Mini Schnauzer, St. Bernard, Toy Poodle, GSD, Dandie, Maltese, Kerry Blue, Dalmatian, Beagle, Wire Fox, Boston Terrier, Mini Poodle, Weimaraners, Collie, Norwegian Elkhound, Standard Poodle, Boxer. All Group judging. Dog Trick exhibit. Gaines dog food advertisement then BIS judging. Judge George Hartman awards BIS to Pekingese Ch. Chik T’Sun of Caversham. The first Peke to win BIS at the WKC.
88th1964Toy Grp judging; Non-Sporting Grp; Hound Grp; Terrier Grp; Sporting Grp; Working Grp; BIS judging.
89th1965Toy Grp; Non-Sporting Grp; Hound Grp; Sporting Grp; Working Grp; BIS judging.
95th1971Terrier Grp ending; Non-Sporting Grp ending; Working Grp ending; Toy Grp Ending; Hound Grp ending; Sporting Grp ending; Junior Showmanship finals; Best Brace; BIS judging.
96th1972All groups and BIS judging



100th1976Intro by Pat Summerall and Roger Caras; Sporting Grp with winner interview; grooming vignette, Hound Grp with winner interview; Toy Grp; Forsyth kennel feature; Working Grp with winner interview; Bench show feature; Terrier Grp with interview of judge Annie Clark; interview with Bichon Frise BOB winner–new breed; interview with BIS winner from previous year; BIS judging. Judge William W Brainard Jr. awards BIS to Lakeland Terrier Ch. Jo Ni’s Red Baron of Crofton handled by Ric Chashoudian.
102nd1978No audio. Clips from Sporting Group, Hound Group, Toy Group, Working Group, Terrier Group, Non-Sporting Group then BIS judging. Judge Mrs. James Edward Clark awards BIS to Yorkshire Terrier Ch. Cede Higgins. To date the only Yorshire Terrier to win BIS at WKC.
105th1981No audio. Clip from Mini Poodle breed ring, Standard Poodle breed ring, Parade of Champions, then very short clip of BIS judging that doesn’t show winner being awarded. BIS was judged by Langdon Skarda who awarded BIS to the Pug, Ch. Dhandys Favorite Woodchuck. Pug not in clip.
106th1982 Disc 3Disc 1 Working Group, feature interview with John Ashbey;Disc 2 Terrier Group, feature “The benching areas personality dog.” Non-Sporting Group; Disc 3 end of Non-Sporting Group, then BIS judging. BIS was Judged by Mrs. Robert Lindsay who awarded the Pekingese Ch. St Aubrey Dragonora of Elsdon handled by William Tranior. The second Pekeingese to win BIS at WKC.
108th1984Hound Group and BIS judging only
109th1985Groups on individual discs. Herding Group and BIS judgingon same disc. BIS was judged by Elsworth Howeell and awarded to the Scottish Terrier Ch. Braeburn’s Close Encounter handled by George Ward. The 6th Scottie to win BIS at WKC.
110th1986All groups and BIS judging



111th1987Night 1: Part 1 = Working Group; Pedigree Pups fearure; Terrier Group, pet cemetary feature; first part of Non-Sporting Group. Night 1 Part 2 = Non-Sporting Group continued, Herding Group. Night 2: Part 1 = Sporting Group, feature about Cleveland Browns, Hound Group, beginning of Toy Group. Night 2: Part 2 = Toy Group continued then BIS judging (Part 4 on disc). BIS judged by Louis Auslander awarded to German Shepherd Ch. Covy Tucker Hill’s Manhattan handled by James Moses. To date the only GSD to win BIS at WKC.
112th1988Night 1: Part 1 = Sporting Group, dog show 101, beginning of Hound Group. Night 1: Part 2 = Hound Group continued, Scent article race, Toy Group, feature with K. Pastella in grooming area, Queens K-9 Unit feature, Night 2 : Part 1 = Working Group, feature re:training basic Obedience, beginning of Terrier Group. Night 2 : Part 2 = Terrier Group continued, feature on Seeing Eye, Non-Sporting Group, Herding Group. Night 2 : Part 3 = Feature seeing eye dogs then BIS judging. BIS was judged by Mrs. Michelle Billings and awarded to Pomeranian Ch. Great Elms Prince Charming, II. To date the only Pomeranian to win BIS at WKC.
114th1990Part 1: Working Grp; Terrier Grp; beginning of Non-Sporting Grp; Part 2: Non-Sporting Grp continued; Herding Grp–does not show final of Grp; Second Night begins: Sporting Grp; beginning of Hound Grp; Part 3: Hound Grp continued does-not show final awarding in the Grp; Toy Grp; Junior Showmanship awarding; BIS judging.