Saturday & Sunday TV Schedule

Saturday, February 9, 2019

8:00 am- 4:00 pm EST streaming live from Pier 94 on our website

  • 6th Annual Masters Agility Championship at Westminster Preliminaries


Sunday, February 10, 2019

2pm- 4:30pm EST airing from Pier 94 on FOX (find local listing here)

  • 6th Annual Masters Agility Championship at Westminster Finals 

Agility is a sport that appeals to all dog lovers – from young people to senior citizens. It has great spectator appeal. Agility is designed to demonstrate a dog’s willingness to work with its handler in a variety of situations. It is an athletic event that requires conditioning, concentration, training and teamwork. Dog and handlers negotiate an obstacle course racing against the clock.

Agility dogs can achieve many titles. Our competition is open to those dogs that have achieved the higher titles and are therefore eligible to compete on a “Masters” level course. There will be 330 dogs entered in this competition.

Each dog will compete in two qualifying rounds consisting of a Standard Agility course and a Jumpers with Weaves course. The 10 dogs with the highest combined scores from each height class will move on to the “Championship Round” consisting of a total of 50 dogs. The Westminster Kennel Club donates $5,000 to honor the winner of the Masters Agility Championship to the AKC training club of their choice or the AKC Humane Fund. A $5,000 donation will also be made to the AKC European Open Junior Agility Team. 


Learn more about the Masters Agility Championship here

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