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WKC Launches Road to Westminster


Club Producing Video Content From Dog Events Across the US To Promote the Sport

New York -The Westminster Kennel Club is producing video content from a select number of US dog events throughout the year to promote the sport online and on cable television. This is one of several initiatives the club is developing to educate the public, promote dog sports and responsible dog ownership.

A Westminster production team will visit dog shows and trials in several regions of the country to videotape members of the sport as they travel on the “Road to Westminster”. The edited news clip content will include interviews with exhibitors, club officials and general show footage with an emphasis on educating the public about dog sports and the people involved in them.

The content will cover a variety of topics from the sports of conformation, junior showmanship, agility and obedience. The topics within each sport will range from basic education, such as Agility 101, to interviews with a Best in Show winning dog’s breeder to how to start in Junior Showmanship.

The show calendar and programming content was developed with the club’s media partner, Dog News: The Digest of American Dogs who will be supporting the effort through their online and print publications. The inaugural event for this initiative will be May 7, 2016 at the Bucks County Kennel Club show in Erwinna, PA.

The content produced throughout the year will appear on the Fox Sports news cable program and online through the Westminster and Fox Sports’ websites and social media accounts. Additionally, live coverage of “Road to Westminster” dog events will be streamed through Westminster’s exclusive channel on Waggle, a new platform for pet owners and animal lovers from Broadway Video Ventures. Broadway Video Ventures is the digital media arm of Broadway Video, the company behind SNL, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Portlandia.

Westminster Kennel Club President Mr. Seán W. McCarthy, sees the club as leading the charge in promoting the sport, “We have a great story to tell. The people involved in our sport are dedicated, passionate people who love their dogs. It’s our responsibility to promote our sport, its people and dogs through the media outlets we have access to.”

The Westminster production team will consist of the club’s Director of Communications, Gail Miller Bisher with the assistance of Katherine Wright.