Sport Participation
The Masters Agility Champion receives a donation to a dog training club of their choice.

Sport Participation  keeps the tradition of dog shows, agility trials, and obedience competitions thriving in a contemporary world. These events are many things—family friendly sports, athletic canine competitions, a deepening of the canine-human bond—but historically dog shows began, and continue to this day, to help support our sport. Introducing and keeping people involved in the sport creates more charitable giving opportunities.

  • Each year Westminster offers the Junior Showmanship Scholarship Awards totaling $24,000 to the eight junior showmanship finalists. These junior exhibitors who can be between the ages of 9-18, receive award amounts based on their placements for their use in post-secondary schooling for the college or technical school of their choice.
  • Beginning in 2018, the club has provided donations to two training clubs to honor the winners of the Masters Agility Championship and the Masters Obedience Championship. The 2018 recipients included the Agility Dog Club of Chino and the Morris Hills Dog Training Club, Inc.
  • New in 2019, Westminster is offering $5,000 to the AKC Junior Agility Team. This support of young people who participate in the sport of agility continues the legacy of promoting family friendly dog sports. The annual award will help cover travel expenses as the team represents the U.S. in international dog agility competition.
  • Helping people in need in the sport is another way Westminster gives back to the community. Donations have gone to organizations dedicated to help fanciers such as the Professional Handlers Association, Owner Handlers Association of America, and Take The Lead.