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2023 Group Winners: Monty and Cider


Cosequin® Joint Health Supplement is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Monty, a Giant Schnauzer and 2023 WKC Working Group winner, and Cider, an English Setter and 2023 WKC Sporting Group winner. Monty and Cider are handled by husband-and-wife handler duo, Katie and Adam Bernardin. Join us as we get to know Katie & Adam!

Katie was introduced to this sport by her grandmother, who competed in obedience and confirmation with Miniature Schnauzers. Her grandmother gifted her a Miniature Dachshund when she was ten years old to begin competing in Junior Showmanship. After spending many summers and weekends working for all-breed handlers, Katie decided to embark on her own journey as a professional handler at 23 years old.


Adam’s love for dogs started when he was 8 years old, traveling with his sister who was a handler and competition dog groomer. He walked into the ring for the first time at 10 years old in Junior Showmanship. After years of gaining experience, he decided to start his own handling business.


The two first met at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 2000, while both competing. They continued their friendship for many years, drifted apart for some time, and then reconnected again in 2013.

A woman and a man are kneeling in a kitchen with two large dogs, holding a box of Cosequin and a blue ribbon, respectively.

 “Being a team and marrying your partner is way easier than you’d think! Having that person on your side and someone who only wants to see you succeed is what makes us a good team,” said Katie Bernardin. “We always want to beat each other, but that’s what makes us better. Competing together in the Best in Show ring at WKC was a dream come true, sometimes still hard to believe it happened. We used to dream of winning the group at Westminster and to look behind me and see my husband in there with a dog he believed in was surreal. We couldn’t have been prouder of each other in that moment.”

“Competing in Best in Show was like no other feeling – filled with an accumulation of a life dedicated to the sport,” said Adam Bernardin. The most special part for me was to be in the ring with my wife and such talented dogs.”

Katie and Adam will be competing again at the 2024 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. We are excited to see this duo back in action and look forward to seeing what they will achieve.

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