The Masters Obedience Championship At Westminster

Obedience dogs can achieve many titles. This competition consists of those dogs that have “mastered” the highest level of the sport. The top-ranked 250 dogs based on Obedience Trial Champion points earned will receive invitations to compete. Entries will then be selected on a first-received basis. There will be 30 dogs entered in this competition.

The first round of competition consists of AKC Open and Utility exercises including a signal exercise; drop on call, directed jumping, retrieve over high jump, scent discrimination and group sit/stay exercise. In the finals round of competition, all teams perform 6-minute routine (designed by the handler) to showcase the broad spectrum of obedience. The Westminster Kennel Club donates $5,000 to honor the winner of the Masters Obedience Championship to an AKC training club of their choice or to the AKC Humane Fund.

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