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GCHS CH Greta Master Of The Night6WS 5422470112/9/2015Valerica CincaAngel's FaceDolly Master Of The Night

Jeff & Toni Donovan

CH Stonehill's One And Only7WS 491777017/10/2014Josh & Shannon ScharlachCH Knatchbull's Saxon 5th AvenueGCH Stonehill's Athena Mildred

Josh & Shannon Scharlach

GCHG CH Nambe N Essex Beef Kabob From Windover8WS 463258081/19/2014Donna Pendleton & Hailey E BroganCH Mikell Ranah's Of LeathernekGCH Windover's Suddenly Famous RNPaula Sturiale & Julie AhrensSherri Samel Hurst
CH Bramstoke's Heaven And Earth9WS 566358011/14/2016Kay ReilCH Bramstoke's Sugar DaddySquaredeal N Bramstoke's Family Affair

Mark Jefferson Chiu

CH Banstock N Highpoint Ain't She Sweet10WS 538411013/11/2016Helene Nietsch & Michele McGovern & Kellye St JohnCH Banstock Bruno Of The NortheastCH HighPoint N' Banstock Keep Calm And Carry On

Helene Nietsch & Michele McGovern & Kellye St John

GCHG CH Showgirls Mudgee Jones11WS 454874026/28/2013Linda StoweGCHS Ridgetop's From Russia With LoveGCH Ambrozia Jones

Linda Stowe & Steve & Judy McAskill

GCH CH Boundless Going For The Gusto12WS 508446127/10/2015Deborah QuadriCH Banstock Bruno Of The North EastGCH Spiritsongs Thankfully Mine CD RE CGC NAP NJPLisa McCormickCathy Martin
CH Breezy Hill's Life Of The Party At Mordawn14WS 483361089/20/2014Kerry Aschbacher & Abby LehmanGCH Riverhaven's Dal Primo Bohemian RhapsodyGCH Bullstock's All Jeweled UpAmanda Jamieson & Steven KlassenAmy Herbert
CH Domer's Renaissance Man15WS 449807037/20/2013Rebecca Fulton & Anthony Scully & Gregory KuzmaCH Bramstoke's Carved In StoneCH Newcastle's Bringing Wicked East At Domer

Carolyn Kurnit & Jeffrey Kurnit

CH Gaffle's Oxford Don16WS 503487054/15/2015Kathy KocherON-IT'S Bombito Vicente YoungGCH Gaffle's Grande Dam Vivienne WestwoodPhyllis Mulchay & Tammy Petersen & Kathy KocherCorrey Krickeberg
GCH CH Bullstock's Rockin Rolo17WS 4966240311/6/2014Mary P Stebbins & Ian RobertsonBullstock's Son Of AnarchyBullstock's Simply The Best

Steven Dunn & Mary P Stebbins & Ian Robertson

GCH CH Starrdogs Runs With Scissors18WS 527652022/5/2016Kathryn RobertsCH Essex This Buds For YouCH Starrdogs Spirit Of The Wind

Jonathan Lytle & Kathryn Roberts

GCH CH Bully Boy's Loki Warrior19WS 460351035/22/2013Fern & Bill DittmarCH Bully Boy's Sting Like A BeeBully Boy's Mandy Oh MandyCathy ValentiSara Gregware
GCHB CH T-Boldt's To Protect And Serve20WS 4926960812/10/2014Sherry Boldt & Kimberlee Cook & Lynn SpohrLibrrani's High Performance AlonsoCH Solo-K's All Fired Up At T-Boldt

Sherry Boldt & Terry Boldt

GCHS CH Icon N Gaffle's Domestic Goddess CGCA21WS 482321029/19/2014Teri Winston & Kathy KocherGCHG Banstock N Highpoint New Day Bruin AtkimoCH Gafffle's Icon Repeated In RedJill Roman & Teri Winston & Martin Glover & Kathy KocherRowan Baggenstos
GCH CH B'mew's Blessed One At Newcastle22WS 478400047/4/2014Barbara Douglas & Naomi DoyleGCH Dal Primo's B'mew Just In QuesoGCH Shining Star I'll Think About That TomorrowEmi Gonzalez & Anthony ScullyAdam Bernardin
GCH CH B'mew Newcastle Cheeto Bandito23WS 513819015/28/2014Wesley W LarnieGCH Dal Primo's B'mew Just In QuesoCH B'mew Ae Fond Kiss To NewalbaEmi Gonzalez & Anthony ScullyPaul Levesque
GCHG CH Affinity's 3-Sheets To The Wind24WS 420175039/16/2012Carrie Lane & John LaneGCH Roxedge's All Fired UpGCH Anthracite Bulhaven Olympic Gold Of AffinityAmber McAteer & Carrie LaneTony Carter
GCH CH Baron Dye Of Ridgetop25WS 345305055/21/2010Olga Whittal & Lisa FennellCH Lemabull Pass The Game To AntallisCH Bullstock' N Garroways NikitaRochelle WynesCarol A Collins
GCHB CH Banstock N Highpoint's Ours Yours And Mine CGC RN26WS 431881011/24/2013H Nietsch & M McGovern & K St John & D StammelGCH Windover's Hey There HandsomeGCH Banstock's Bewitched By HighpointJessica Davis & Hannah E NewellLindsey Cook
GCHS CH JYF Bull's - Argentina Vulkano27WS 5108940212/6/2014Jose CaldyeroCH Leatherneck Singular SensationCH Bull Stocks MaximaCarlos Akberto RojasHolley Eldred
CH Bru Town's What Goes Around28WS 532401083/1/2016Timothy J Brubaker & Cheryl BrubakerGCHB Starrdogs Kingston HortonCH Bru Town N Xtreme's HellfireMario Samaro & Cheryl & Tim BrubakerKara Janiszak
CH Adora's Sexy Sadie What Have You Done29WS 504903065/27/2015Doreen & William MoskalukGCH Banstock N Highpoint's Ours Yours And MineGCH Adora's Incredabull Shelby CobraDoreen Moskaluk & William MoskalukValerie McGraw
GCHB CH Starrdogs Adventure Of A Lifetime At Everest30WS 5204480511/1/2015Judy MinshewGCH Starrdogs Kingston HortonStardoms Runs With The WindBreanna & Teena UyenoOscar Quiros
GCHS CH Aspire's Awakened One CGCA CGCU TKI31WS 476074016/21/2014Nance DarrowCH Harlett's Move It Move ItGCH Bo-Beck's Pay It ForwardNance Darrow & Lauren AngheldWebb Boyles
GCHB CH Bella Vita's Sambuca Malinari32WS 496663042/3/2015Linda M Valentine & Guiseppee MazzamutoCH Valentines Leton Bruce WillisStarrdogs Pistols And Pearls

Guiseppee Mazzamuto & Cassandra J Williams