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GCH CH Eastwinds Born To Perform6WS 505238024/26/2015Shawn Olesen & Diane Becker & Cheryl KendrickGCH Eastwinds Ivory ToucheBoma Tembo Frankie

Debora McKibbin & Nancy Huether & Heather Reid & Coagi Long

GCHG CH Autumn Oaks Silver Lining I'Ll Be Your Huckleberry7WS 447988077/22/2013Teresa McMahanGCH Lazy D's Southern Mossy OakCH Oasis Put Your Glass To The SkyMaureen McGuire & Chris McGuire & Barbara HousePamela Gilley
GCH CH Miller's Blaze Of Glory8WS 444937016/13/2013James B Miller & Jennifer MillerSir Hanes Holden Of WaldorMiller's Lady Magdeline

James B Miller & Jennifer Miller

CH Lazy D's Burning Tara9WS 483218028/30/2014Nancy WalkerGCH Lazy D's Frankly My DearBrshanes Midnight MadelineRobert Kravitz & Nancy Walker & Susan KravitzKimberly Langlands
GCHS CH Thousand Oaks Deacon Blues10WS 474127015/16/2014Christi Keller & Courtney DieckmanCH Eastwinds Ivory HotciderCH Thousand Oaks Mattie MaeChristi KellerAndrew Mansfield
GCHS CH Watchman's Redbarn's Brutus CGC11WS 412688035/16/2012WatchmanCH Firesides Major CommodityCH HLF Indiana

Janice Ackers & Brian Ham & Mary Ham

CH Steelheart Imagine It's Twice As Nice Mugsy Jr CGC12WS 436588022/24/2013Carrie Nolin & C ApplegateGCH Lexington's Uncle MugsyCH Imagine An Ever So Perfect Ending

Theresa Tiernan & Carrie Nolin

GCH CH Steelheart's My Mr Knightley CGC14WS 4612020510/26/2013Carrie Nolin & C ApplegateCH Lexington's Major GoochCH Imagine An Every So Perfect Ending

Theresa Cariddi Tiernan & Amber Tiernan & Carrie Nolin

GCH CH Legend's Hero Of Eastwind CGCA15WS 5221560110/27/2015Deborah HatchCH Eastwinds Ivory Hot CiderCH Legends Goldleaf Brown Eyed GirlAmanda Lowe 
CH Nottinghill's Duke16WS 453384024/24/2013Jane MitchellBeowulf's Kodiak Balou MoonBeowulf's Curious Georgia Of Nottinghill

Jane Mitchell & Dave Battah

GCH CH Hrothgars R3 Here's Your One Chance17WS 5239910112/27/2015Traci McKeown Weaver & Jolene Benzinger-ScuttGCHS Priderock Saddle Up For R3 CGCHrothgars Whisper In The Wind

Traci McKeown Weaver & Jolene Benzinger-Scutt

GCH CH Nottinghill's Last Call18WS 500845016/13/2014Jane MitchellBeowulfs Kodiak Balou MoonBeowulfs Curious Georgia Of Nottinghill

Jane Mitchell & Pam Bartlett

GCH CH Hrothgars R3 Hold Yer Horses19WS 5239910412/27/2015Traci McKeown Weaver & Jolene Benzinger ScuttGCHS Priderock Saddle Up For R3 CGCHrothgars Whisper In The Wind

Traci McKeown Weaver & Jolene Benzinger

GCHB CH Beowulf's Heart Of Narnia20WS 468682013/23/2014Susann EverettCCH Hrothgar-Beowulfs Pot Of GoldBeowulfs Beyond ThymeSusann Everett & Tim CollinsLuke Baggenstos
GCH CH Dowdy Farms Winter's Blossom On Fire Salem Moon'S21WS 5295690511/8/2015Stephanie DowdyCH Salem Moon's Hearts On FireDowdy Farms Mabel May BlossomStephanie DowdyAndrea Elliott-Casterline
GCH CH Cooper's Crossing The Line!22WS 5344790111/11/2015Becky Cooper & Brittany CipriottiCH Audley Farms Family JulesGCH Cooperz Kaigans Hot TamaleBecky Cooper & Brittany CipriottiJamie Clute
CH Beowulfs W Help From A Friend23WS 4890890112/7/2014Susann EverettCH Gary Schneider-Beowulfs No Cruise ControlBeowulfs Anchor'd Under A Smugglers MoonBrian CartenAmanda Shea
GCH CH Eastwinds Ivory Touche24WS 348750017/3/2010Nancy A HuetherIvory's Jack Of All TradesCH Eastwinds Badabing

Nancy Huether & Kayla Gaffney & Mike Reid

CH Bittersweet's Diamond In The Rockz25WS 450407107/7/2013Angela Marie Dinneen & Matthew Arthur WoodCH Creekside's Doc Beauregard Unscripted At SherwoodKendal's Sparkling RubyAngela Marie DinneenTerry Smith
GCHS CH Eastwinds Float Like A Butterfly Sting Like A Bee CGCA26WS 4923420112/19/2014Rachel Lee DillerGCH Eastwinds Ivory ToucheCH Magnum's Until I Found YouRon Banks & Nancy A HuetherTerry Smith
GCH CH Eastwinds Family Tradition27WS 536563034/4/2016Lisa Kaye Armstrong & Trent ArmstrongGCH Eastwinds Ivory ToucheGCH Epics Farmer GirlRon Banks & Nancy Huether & Karlee BanksTerry Smith