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TruBliss America's Prince11TS 3270080111/29/2016Julia Van Patten & Marc Van PattenCH Casablanca's As Good As It Gets At CastlerockGCH TruBliss Emeralds Are Forever

Julia Van Patten & Marc Van Patten

Casa Blanca's Make A Wish20TS 353342015/10/2017Blanca & Barry ClothierCH Casa Blanca's Willy WonkaCH Casa Blanca's Little Black Dress

Blanca & Barry Clothier




CH Millstream's Hazelnut6TS 310841017/23/2016Mary GiffordCH Kelz Noble PrinceEl-Fayem DaiquiriRenee Suprenant & Mary A GiffordJuli Lacey Black
CH Shorline's Carmel Apple With Nuts7TS 322690037/30/2016Deborah S DoanCH Shorline's Once In A Blue MoonShorline's Golden ApplePamela J & Michael E SalomoneErin Hall
CH Pugalicious Bubble N'Squeak8TS 340647018/11/2015Louise Brooks-Lowe & Stazey HawkesPugalicious Mauvais GarconQueen Provocatrice AV Pugling At PugaliciousHeidi MerkliNicole Denny
GCHB CH Kelz Noble Prince9TS 248875051/18/2015Kelly D MaurerGCH Double D's Nobel PrizeCH Wendy's Pure Bella Sterling Of KelzMary A Gifford & Kelly D MaurerJuli Lacey Black
GCHS CH Fantasy's Cien Tango @ Coral Bay10TS 279094017/4/2015Diana HedstromGCHB Winsome's Trouble At Coral BayLife Guard's Kis KissB & M Glazer & J T Black & C Giles & D Hedstrom & M MeyerBarry Clothier
GCH CH Cantu's Timeliss Sirius Intentions12TS 161432012/28/2013Laina Griffin & Amy Griffin & Melissa M Norton DVMGCH Caper's Sirius EndeavorGCH Cantu's Timeliss Pursuit Of HappinessLaina Griffin & Amy Griffin & Melissa Norton & Diana HedstromMichelle Yeadon
GCHS CH Hill Country's Puttin' On The Ritz15TS 281928014/24/2015Kristy & Kevin RatliffCH Hill Country's Big Bang TheoryCH Hill Country's Star Of The Ritz And FamousCarolyn KochEsteban Farias
CH Fantasy's Gift Of Gab For Capers16TS 269737015/8/2015Diana Hedstrom & Laina Griffin & Melissa M Norton DVMGCH Moonstruck's Smooth Sailing!Cantu's Timeliss Sirius Fantasy

Jennifer Sherak & Phillip Fisher

GCH CH Sidestreet's Token At Lordship17TS 300964012/29/2016Maryanne Mack DVM & Donna F SoaresCH Lordships Boots And PantsCH Sutton's Little Star

Donna F Soares & Maryanne Mack DVM

CH Nirvana's Skittles18TS 313392017/6/2016Elois Veltman & Virginia Cox-FlatleyGCH Sycamore's Nirvana-Winsomes' A League Of His OwnCH Winsome's All That Glitters Is Gold At NirvanaElois Veltman & Virginia Cox-FlatleyJorge Olivera
GCH CH Charchen's The Outlaw At Silvertown21TS 305483016/15/2016Charlotte & Edward GriffithCH Ancoda Field Of Dreams Rocco GalileoCH Danaans Little Sure Shot Of Charchen

Polly Lamarine & Charlotte Griffith

GCH CH Kenshei And That's The Way It Is22TR 797878017/25/2008Patt Kolesar & Sheila KesslerCH Tupelo Triple CrownCH Porter's Tupelo Byebye BirdieMartha FeltensteinDiego Garcia
GCH CH Whispering River's Tango Too23TS 222298036/3/2014Linda M Whalin & Harold WhalinGCH Whispering River's Crown Prince WilliamCh Nee-Hi's The River Of JordanElizabeth Sedlak & Linda WhalinWendy Kellerman
CH Belaire's Radio City Perfect Pitch24TS 2373050110/29/2014Elizabeth SedlakCH Mar J's Walkin The LineCH Belaire's Radio City RocketteElizabeth SedlakWendy Kellerman
CH Belaire's This Girl Is Trouble!25TS 267253013/27/2015Etel GatturnaCH Belaire's The Fresh PrinceTesoro's Fawns Have All The FunElizabeth SedlakWendy Kellerman
GCHG CH Foursquare Dancin' Machine26TS 202011042/13/2014David Johnson DVM & Judith JohnsonGCH Foursquare Kabuki DancerGCH Foursquare Dancin' With The StarsDavid Johnson DVM & Judith JohnsonJason W Bailey
GCHG CH Sycamore's Nirvana-Winsomes' A League Of His Own27TS 261764015/13/2015Lee R Van Leeuwen & Alicia KahlerGCH Winsome-Nirvana-Biaque Triple PlayGCH Sycamore's Blonde AmbitionElois Veltman & Virginia Cox-FlatleyJorge Olivera
GCHB CH Poco Bre-Z Love Train At Lazy Paws28TS 298575042/14/2016Leslie Kellerman & Louise R TranGCHP Bookmark's Uncommonly GoodCH Poco's Bre-z I Can't Hold My LickerPatti Caldwell & Richard Caldwell & Shari Curran & Kevin CurranChristopher Keith
CH Lordships Uptown Funk29TS 254008012/16/2015Donna F SoaresCH Lordships CarisimoLordships Mine All MineAshley B L Fischer & Donna SoaresMichael Scott
GCHS CH Casa Blanca's I Pick Blake At Castlerock30TS 308116025/2/2016Blanca Clothier & Barry Clothier & Ashley FischerGCHG Azalea'Napplewood's Take Me ThereGCHS Casablanca's Mamma Mia!Ashely B L Fischer & Keith S FischerMichael Scott