Best In Show Winners

See Gallery below for photos of all Westminster Best In Show winners (BIS was awarded for the first time in 1907).

1907 - 1909
Ch Warren Remedy, Fox Terrier (Smooth)
Ch Sabine Rarebit, Fox Terrier (Smooth)
Ch Tickle Em Jock, Scottish Terrier
Ch Kenmare Sorceress, Airedale Terrier
Ch Strathtay Prince Albert, Bulldog
Ch Slumber, Old English Sheepdog
Ch Matford Vic, Fox Terrier (Wire)
Ch Conejo Wycollar Boy, Fox Terrier (Wire)
Ch Haymarket Faultless, Bull Terrier (White)
Ch Briergate Bright Beauty, Airedale Terrier
Ch Midkiff Seductive, Spaniel (Cocker) Parti
Ch Boxwood Barkentine, Airedale Terrier
Ch Barberryhill Bootlegger, Sealyham Terrier
Ch Governor Moscow, Pointer
Ch Signal Circuit of Halleston, Fox Terrier (Wire)
Ch Pinegrade Perfection, Sealyham Terrier
Ch Talavera Margaret, Fox Terrier (Wire)
Laund Loyalty of Bellhaven, Collie (Rough)
Ch Pendley Calling of Blarney, Fox Terrier (Wire)
Ch Nancolleth Markable, Pointer
Ch Warland Protector of Shelterock, Airedale Terrier
Ch Flornell Spicy Bit of Halleston, Fox Terrier (Wire)
Ch Nunsoe Duc de la Terrace of Blakeen, Poodle (Standard)
Ch St Margaret Mignificent of Claredale, Sealyham Terrier
Ch Flornell Spicy Piece of Halleston, Fox Terrier (Wire)
Daro of Maridor, Setter (English)
Ferry v Rauhfelsen of Giralda, Doberman Pinscher
Ch My Own Brucie, Spaniel (Cocker) Black
Ch My Own Brucie, Spaniel (Cocker) Black
Ch Wolvey Pattern of Edgerstoune, West Highland White Terrier
Ch Pitter Patter of Piperscroft, Poodle (Miniature)
Ch Flornell-Rare-Bit of Twin Ponds, Welsh Terrier
Ch Shieling's Signature, Scottish Terrier
Ch Heatherington Model Rhythm, Fox Terrier (Wire)
Ch Warlord of Mazelaine, Boxer
Ch Rock Ridge Night Rocket, Bedlington Terrier
Ch Mazelaine Zazarac Brandy, Boxer
Ch Walsing Winning Trick of Edgerstoune, Scottish Terrier
Ch Bang Away of Sirrah Crest, Boxer
Ch Rancho Dobe's Storm, Doberman Pinscher
Ch Rancho Dobe's Storm, Doberman Pinscher
Ch Carmor's Rise and Shine, Spaniel (Cocker) A.S.C.O.B.
Ch Kippax Fearnought, Bulldog
Ch Wilber White Swan, Poodle (Toy)
Ch Shirkhan of Grandeur, Afghan Hound
Ch Puttencove Promise, Poodle (Standard)
Ch Fontclair Festoon, Poodle (Miniature)
Ch Chik T'Sun of Caversham, Pekingese
Ch Cappoquin Little Sister, Poodle (Toy)
Ch Elfinbrook Simon, West Highland White Terrier
Ch Wakefield's Black Knight, Spaniel (English Springer)
Ch Courtenay Fleetfoot of Pennyworth, Whippet
Ch Carmichaels Fanfare, Scottish Terrier
Ch Zeloy Mooremaide's Magic, Fox Terrier (Wire)
Ch Bardene Bingo, Scottish Terrier
Ch Stingray of Derryabah, Lakeland Terrier
Ch Glamoor Good News, Skye Terrier
Ch Arriba's Prima Donna, Boxer
Ch Chinoe's Adamant James, Spaniel (English Springer)
Ch Chinoe's Adamant James, Spaniel (English Springer)
Ch Acadia Command Performance, Poodle (Standard)
Ch Gretchenhof Columbia River, Pointer (German Shorthaired)
1975 - Ch Sir Lancelot of Barvan, Old English Sheepdog
Ch Jo Ni's Red Baron of Crofton, Lakeland Terrier
Ch Dersade Bobby's Girl, Sealyham Terrier
Ch Cede Higgins, Yorkshire Terrier
Ch Oak Tree's Irishtocrat, Spaniel (Irish Water)
Ch Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar, Siberian Husky
Ch Dhandys Favorite Woodchuck, Pug
Ch St Aubrey Dragonora of Elsdon, Pekingese
Ch Kabiks The Challenger, Afghan Hound
Ch Seaward's Blackbeard, Newfoundland
Ch Braeburn’s Close Encounter, Scottish Terrier
Ch Marjetta's National Acclaim, Pointer
Ch Covy Tucker Hill's Manhattan, German Shepherd Dog
Ch Great Elms Prince Charming, II, Pomeranian
Ch Royal Tudor's Wild As The Wind, Doberman Pinscher
Ch Wendessa Crown Prince, Pekingese
Ch Whisperwind On A Carousel, Poodle (Standard)
Ch Registry's Lonesome Dove, Fox Terrier (Wire)
Ch Salilyn's Condor, Spaniel (English Springer)
Ch Chidley Willum The Conqueror, Norwich Terrier
Ch Gaelforce Post Script, Scottish Terrier
Ch Clussexx Country Sunrise, Spaniel (Clumber)
Ch Parsifal Di Casa Netzer, Standard Schnauzer
Ch Fairewood Frolic, Norwich Terrier
Ch Loteki Supernatural Being, Papillon
Ch Salilyn 'N Erin's Shameless, Spaniel (English Springer)
Ch Special Times Just Right, Bichon Frise
Ch Surrey Spice Girl, Poodle (Miniature)
Ch Torums Scarf Michael, Kerry Blue Terrier
Ch. Darbydale's All Rise Pouch Cove, Newfoundland
Ch Kan-Point's VJK Autumn Roses, Pointer (German Shorthaired)
Ch Rocky Top's Sundance Kid, Bull Terrier (Colored)
Ch Felicity's Diamond Jim, Spaniel (English Springer)
Ch K-Run's Park Me In First, Beagle (15 Inch)
Ch Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee, Spaniel (Sussex)
Ch Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot, Scottish Terrier
GCH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind, Scottish Deerhound
GCH Palacegarden Malachy, Pekingese
GCH Banana Joe V Tani Kazari, Affenpinscher
GCH Afterall Painting The Sky, Fox Terrier (Wire)
Ch Tashtins Lookin For Trouble, Beagle (15 Inch)
GCH Vjk-Myst Garbonita's California Journey, Pointer (German Shorthaired)
GCH Lockenhaus’ Rumor Has It V Kenlyn, German Shepherd Dog
GCHP Belle Creek’s All I Care About Is Love, Bichon Frise
GCHB CH King Arthur Van Foliny Home, Fox Terrier (Wire)
1907*Not RecordedSmooth Fox TerrierCh. Warren RemedyWinthrop Rutherfurd
1908*Not RecordedSmooth Fox TerrierCh. Warren RemedyWinthrop Rutherfurd
1909*Not RecordedSmooth Fox TerrierCh. Warren RemedyWinthrop Rutherfurd
1910*Not RecordedSmooth Fox TerrierCh. Sabine RarebitSabine Kennels
1911*Not RecordedScottish TerrierCh. Tickle Em JockA. Albright, Jr.

*In 1907, a panel of 10 judges decided Best in Show. Neither the names of the judges nor the number of them were otherwise recorded for 1907 through 1911.
1912Dr. Henry Jarrett and Messrs. Ralph C. English, Charles LyndonAiredale TerrierCh. Kenmare SorceressWilliam P. Wolcott
1913Dr. Henry Jarrett and Messrs. G. Muss-Arnolt, Theodore Offerman, RefereeBulldogCh. Strathtay Prince AlbertAlex H. Stewart
1914Mr. Midgeley MarsdenOld English SheepdogCh. SlumberMrs. Tyler Morse
1915Dr. Henry JarrettWire Fox TerrierCh. Matford VicGeorge W. Quintard
1916Messrs. Charles G. Hopton, Frank F. Dole, Vinton P. Breese, Fred Senn, W. H. WhittemWire Fox TerrierCh. Matford VicGeorge W. Quintard
1917Mr. George S. ThomasWire Fox TerrierCh. Conejo Wycollar BoyMrs. Roy A. Rainey
1918Messrs. Vinton P. Breese, Charles G. Hopton, George S. Thomas, RefereeBull Terrier (White)Ch. Haymarket FaultlessR. H. Elliot
1919Messrs. Harry T. Peters, Theodore Offerman, J. Willoughby MitchellAiredale TerrierCh. Briergate Bright BeautyG. L. Davis
1920Messrs. Thomas S. Bellin, William E. Warner, Norman K. SwireWire Fox TerrierCh. Conejo Wycollar BoyMrs. Roy A. Rainey
1921Messrs. Norman K. Swire, Charles G. Hopton, and Dr. J. D. De Mund, RefereeCocker Spaniel (Parti-Color)Ch. Midkiff SeductiveWilliam T. Payne
1922Messrs. G. Muss-Arnolt, Vinton P. Breese, Theodore OffermanAiredale TerrierCh. Boxwood BarkentineFrederic C. Hood
1923There was no BEST IN SHOW award in 1923. The American Kennel Club barred interbreed competition for 1923 except in the Miscellaneous Class. Comprehensive new rules for Group & Best in Show judging were adopted effective for 1924.
1924Messrs. Norman K. Swire, Walter H. ReevesSealyham TerrierCh. Barberryhill BootleggerBayard Warren
1925Messrs. Walter S. Glynn, Theodore Offerman, Robert A. Ross, Ralph C. EnglishPointerCh. Governor MoscowRobert F. Maloney
1926Messrs. J. Robinson Beard, C. Frederick Neilson, W. L. McCandlish, Walter H. Reeves, Tyler MorseWire Fox TerrierCh. Signal Circuit of HallestonHalleston Kennels
1927Messrs. C. Fred Neilson, Enno Meyer, John G. Bates, G. V. Glebe, Dr. Carleton Y. FordSealyham TerrierCh. Pinegrade PerfectionFrederic C. Brown
1928Mrs. R. F. Mayhew and Messrs. Alfred Delmont, Otto H. Gross, C. Frederick Neilson, J. Bailey WilsonWire Fox TerrierCh. Talavera MargaretR. M. Lewis
1929Dr. Carleton Y. FordCollie (Rough)Laund Loyalty of BellhavenMrs. Florence B. Ilch
1930Mr. W. L. McCandlishWire Fox TerrierCh. Pendley Calling of BlarneyJohn G. Bates
1931Mr. Tyler MorseWire Fox TerrierCh. Pendley Calling of BlarneyJohn G. Bates
1932Hon. Townsend ScudderPointerCh. Nancolleth MarkableGiralda Farms
1933Mrs. Hartley DodgeAiredale TerrierCh. Warland Protector of ShelterockS. M. Stewart
1934Dr. Henry JarrettWire Fox TerrierCh. Flornell Spicy Bit of HallestonHalleston Kennels
1935Mr. Alfred B. MaclayPoodle (Standard)Ch. Nunsoe Duc de la Terrace of BlakeenBlakeen Kennels
1936Mr. C. Frederick NeilsonSealyham TerrierCh. St Margaret Mignificent of ClaredaleClaredale Kennels
1937Mr. George S. WestWire Fox TerrierCh. Flornell Spicy Piece of HallestonHalleston Kennels
1938Mr. John G. BatesEnglish SetterDaro of MaridorMaridor Kennels
1939Mr. George S. ThomasDoberman PinscherFerry v Rauhfelsen of GiraldaGiralda Farms
1940Dr. Samuel MilbankCocker Spaniel (Black)Ch. My Own BrucieH. E. Mellenthin
1941Mr. Joseph Patterson SimsCocker Spaniel (Black)Ch. My Own BrucieH. E. Mellenthin
1942Mr. Herman E. MellenthinWest Highland White TerrierCh. Wolvey Pattern of EdgerstouneMrs. J. G. Winant
1943Mr. Gerald M. LivingstonPoodle (Miniature)Ch. Pitter Patter of PiperscroftMrs. P. H. B. Frelinghuysen
1944Mr. Theodore CraneWelsh TerrierCh. Flornell-Rare-Bit of Twin PondsMrs. Edward P. Alker
1945Mr. George S. WestScottish TerrierCh. Shieling’s SignatureMr. & Mrs. T. H. Snethen
1946Mr. William Prescott WolcottWire Fox TerrierCh. Heatherington Model RhythmMr. & Mrs. T. H. Carruthers, III
1947Mr. David WagstaffBoxerCh. Warlord of MazelaineMr. & Mrs. Richard C. Kettles, Jr.
1948Dr. Samuel MilbankBedlington TerrierCh. Rock Ridge Night RocketMr. & Mrs. William A. Rockefeller
1949Mr. Thomas H. Carruthers, IIIBoxerCh. Mazelaine Zazarac BrandyMr. & Mrs. John Phelps Wagner
1950Mr. George H. HartmanScottish TerrierCh. Walsing Winning Trick of EdgerstouneMrs. J.G. Winant
1951Mr. W. Ross ProctorBoxerCh. Bang Away of Sirrah CrestDr. & Mrs. R. C. Harris
1952Mr. Joseph Patterson SimsDoberman PinscherCh. Rancho Dobe’s StormMr. & Mrs. Len Carey
1953Mr. James A. Farrell, Jr.Doberman PinscherCh. Rancho Dobe’s StormMr. & Mrs. Len Carey
1954Mr. Virgil D. JohnsonCocker Spaniel (A.S.C.O.B.)Ch. Carmor’s Rise and ShineMrs. Carl E. Morgan
1955Mr. Albert E. Van CourtBulldogCh. Kippax FearnoughtJohn A. Saylor, MD
1956Mr. Paul PalmerPoodle (Toy)Ch. Wilber White SwanBertha Smith
1957Mrs. Beatrice H. GodsolAfghan HoundCh. Shirkhan of GrandeurSunny Shay & Dorothy Chenade
1958Mr. William W. BrainardPoodle (Standard)Ch. Puttencove PromisePuttencove Kennels
1959Mr. Thomas H. Carruthers, IIIPoodle (Miniature)Ch. Fontclair FestoonDunwalke Kennels
1960Mr. George H. HartmanPekingeseCh. Chik T’Sun of CavershamMr. & Mrs. C. C. Venable
1961Dr. Joseph E. ReddenPoodle (Toy)Ch. Cappoquin Little SisterMiss Florence Michelson
1962Mr. Haywood R. HartleyWest Highland White TerrierCh. Elfinbrook SimonWishing Well Kennels
1963Mr. Virgil D. JohnsonEnglish Springer SpanielCh. Wakefield’s Black KnightMrs. W. J. S. Borie
1964Mr. Len CareyWhippetCh. Courtenay Fleetfoot of PennyworthPennyworth Kennels
1965Mr. Robert A. KernsScottish TerrierCh. Carmichaels FanfareMr. & Mrs. Charles C. Stalter
1966Mr. James A. Farrell, Jr.Wire Fox TerrierCh. Zeloy Mooremaide’s MagicMarion G. Bunker
1967Mr. Percy RobertsScottish TerrierCh. Bardene BingoE. H. Stuart
1968Mr. Major B. GodsolLakeland TerrierCh. Stingray of DerryabahMr. & Mrs. James A. Farrell, Jr.
1969Mr. Louis J. MurrSkye TerrierCh. Glamoor Good NewsW. Goodman & Mrs A Goodman
1970Miss Anna K. NicholasBoxerCh. Arriba’s Prima DonnaDr. & Mrs. P. Pagano & Dr. T. Fickes
1971Mr. Oliver Carley HarrimanEnglish Springer SpanielCh. Chinoe’s Adamant JamesMilton E..Prickett
1972Mr. William W. Brainard, Jr.English Springer SpanielCh. Chinoe’s Adamant JamesMilton E. Prickett
1973Mrs. Augustus RiggsPoodle (Standard)Ch. Acadia Command PerformanceEdward Jenner & Jo Ann Sering
1974Mr. Len CareyGerman Shorthaired PointerCh. Gretchenhof Columbia RiverRichard P. Smith
1975Mr. Harry T. Peters, Jr.Old English SheepdogCh. Sir Lancelot of BarvanMr. & Mrs. R. Vanword
1976Mr. William W. Brainard, Jr.Lakeland TerrierCh. Jo Ni’s Red Baron of CroftonMrs. V. K. Dickson
1977Mr. Haworth F. HochSealyham TerrierCh. Dersade Bobby’s GirlPool Forge Kennels
1978Mrs. James Edward ClarkYorkshire TerrierCh. Cede HigginsBarbara A. & Charles W. Switzer
1979Mr. Henry H. StoeckerIrish Water SpanielCh. Oak Tree’s IrishtocratMrs. Anne E. Snelling
1980Mr. E. Irving EldredgeSiberian HuskyCh. Innisfree’s Sierra CinnarKathleen Kanzler
1981Mr. Langdon L. SkardaPugCh. Dhandys Favorite WoodchuckRobert A. Hauslohner
1982Mrs. Robert V. LindsayPekingeseCh. St Aubrey Dragonora of ElsdonMrs. Anne E. Snelling
1983Mr. Derek G. RayneAfghan HoundCh. Kabiks The ChallengerChris & Marguerite Terrell
1984Mrs. Maynard K. DruryNewfoundlandCh. Seaward’s BlackbeardSeaward Kennels, Reg.
1985Mr. Elsworth S. HowellScottish TerrierCh. Braeburn’s Close EncounterSonnie & Alan Novick
1986Mrs. George John WannerPointerCh. Marjetta’s National AcclaimMrs. A. R. Robson & Michael Zollo
1987Mr. Louis AuslanderGerman Shepherd DogCh. Covy Tucker Hill’s ManhattanS. Braunstein & J. Firestone
1988Mrs. Michele BillingsPomeranianCh. Great Elms Prince Charming, IISkip Piazza & Olga Baker
1989Mrs. Bernard FreemanDoberman PinscherCh. Royal Tudor’s Wild As The WindR. & C .Vida, B. Wilhite, A. & S. Korp
1990Mr. Frank T. SabellaPekingeseCh. Wendessa Crown PrinceEdward B. Jenner
1991Mrs. Dorothy WelshPoodle (Standard)Ch. Whisperwind On A CarouselDr. & Mrs. Frederick Hartsock
1992Mr. Melbourne T. L. DowningWire Fox TerrierCh. Registry’s Lonesome DoveMarion W. & Samuel B. Lawrence
1993Mrs. Barbara F. HellerEnglish Springer SpanielCh. Salilyn’s CondorD. & R. Herzig, MD & J. Gasow
1994Mr. Walter F. GoodmanNorwich TerrierCh. Chidley Willum The ConquerorRuth Cooper & Patricia Lussier
1995Dr. Jacklyn E. HungerlandScottish TerrierCh. Gaelforce Post ScriptDr. J. Kinnarney & Dr. V. Huber
1996D. Roy HollowayClumber SpanielCh. Clussexx Country SunriseJudith & Richard Zaleski
1997Mrs. Dorothy N. CollierStandard SchnauzerCh. Parsifal Di Casa NetzerRita Holloway & Gabrio Del Torre
1998Dr. N. Josephine DeublerNorwich TerrierCh. Fairewood FrolicSandina Kennels
1999Mr. Edd Embry BivinPapillonCh. Loteki Supernatural BeingJohn Oulton
2000Mr. Chester F. CollierEnglish Springer SpanielCh. Salilyn ‘N Erin’s ShamelessC. Blain, F. Sunseri & J. Gasow
2001Miss Dorothy M. MacDonaldBichon FriseCh. Special Times Just RightC. Ruggles, E. McDonald, F. Werneck
2002Mr. W. Everett Dean, Jr.Poodle (Miniature)Ch. Surrey Spice GirlRon L. Scott & Barbara Scott
2003Mrs. Irene BivinKerry Blue TerrierCh. Torums Scarf MichaelMarilu Hansen
2004Mr. Burton J. YamadaNewfoundlandCh. Darbydale’s All Rise Pouch CovePeggy Helming & Carol Bernard Bergmann
2005Mrs. Lynette SaltzmanGerman Shorthaired PointerCh. Kan-Point’s VJK Autumn RosesL. & R. Stark & C. Cronk & V. Nunes-Atkinson
2006Mr. James G. ReynoldsBull Terrier (Colored)Ch. Rocky Top’s Sundance KidBarbara Bishop & W. F. Poole & N. Shepherd & R. P. Pool & Dorothy Cherry
2007Dr. Robert A. IndegliaEnglish Springer SpanielCh. Felicity’s Diamond JimTeresa Patton & Allen Patton & R. Dehmel & D. Hadsall
2008Dr. J. Donald JonesBeagle (15 Inch)Ch. K-Run’s Park Me In FirstCaroline Dowell & Eddie Dziuk & Jon Woodring & Kathy Weichert
2009Mrs. Sari Brewster TietjenSussex SpanielCh. Clussexx Three D Grinchy GleeCecilia Ruggles & Beth Dowd & Scott Sommer
2010Mr. Elliott B. WeissScottish TerrierCh. Roundtown Mercedes Of MaryscotAmelia Musser
2011Mr. Paolo DondinaScottish DeerhoundGCH. Foxcliffe Hickory WindSally Sweatt & Cecilia L. Dove & Dr. R. Scott Dove
2012Mrs. Cindy VogelsPekingeseGCH. Palacegarden MalachyIris Love & S. Middlebrooks & D. Fitzpatrick
2013Mr. Michael J. DoughertyAffenpinscherGCH. Banana Joe V Tani KazariZoila Truesdale & Mieke Cooymans
2014Ms. Betty Regina LeiningerWire Fox TerrierGCH. Afterall Painting The SkyVictor Malzoni, Jr. & Torie Steele & S. & M. Olund & D. Ryan
2015Hon. David MerriamBeagle (15 Inch)Ch. Tashtins Lookin For TroubleEddie Dziuk & Lori Crandlemire & Kaitlyn Crandlemire
2016Dr. Richard MeenGerman Shorthaired PointerGCH Vjk-Myst Garbonita’s California JourneyValerie Nunes-Atkinson & Alice Manning & Yvonne Hassler-Deterding
2017Mr. Thomas H. Bradley, 3d.German Shepherd DogGCH Lockenhaus’ Rumor Has It V KenlynDeborah Stern & Pamela Buckles & Patti Dukeman & Pamela McElheney & Kent Boyles
2018Mrs. Betty-Anne Stenmark Bichon FriseGCHP  Belle Creek’s All I Care About Is LovePatrina & Bruce Odette & Lindsay Van Keuren & Lorrie Carlton & Larry Letsche DVM
2019Mr. Peter GreenWire Fox TerrierGCHB CH King Arthur Van Foliny HomeVictor Malzoni Jr