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historical records / conformation records

Reserve Best in Show Winners

1911Prince of YorkAiredale TerrierG.W. Batson*Not Recorded
1912CH. Warren DistinctSmooth Fox TerrierWinthrop RutherfurdDr Henry Jarrett
Ralph C English
Charles Lyndon
1913Vickery EstelleWire Fox TerrierVickery Kennels"Dr Henry Jarrett G Muss-Arnolt
Theodore Offerman, Referee"
1914CH. Vickery Fast FreightWire Fox TerrierVickery KennelsMidgeley Marsden
1915Wireboy of PaigntonWire Fox TerrierGeorge W. QuintardDr Henry Jarrett
1916Conqueror *reported as Best of Opposite Sex to the BIS winnerScottish TerrierMiss Jean B. Crawford"Charles G Hopton
Frank F Dole
Vinton P Breese
Fred Senn
W H Whittem"
1917CH. SlumberOld English SheepdogMrs. Tyler MorseGeorge S Thomas
1918Phantom of AshcroftPekingeseElbridge Gerry Snow, Jr."Vinton P Breese
Charles G Hopton
George S Thomas, Referee"
1919CH. Haymarket FaultlessBull TerrierR.H. Elliott"Harry T Peters
Theodore Offerman
J Willoughby Mitchell"
1920CH. Lansdowne SunflowerGreyhoundMrs. B.F. Lewis"Thomas S Bellin
William E Warne
Norman K Swire"
1921CH. Phantom of AshcroftPekingeseElbridge Gerry Snow, Jr."Norman K Swire
Charles G Hopton
Dr J D De Mund, Referee"
1922CH. Lansdowne SunflowerGreyhoundMrs. B.F. Lewis"G Muss-Arnolt
Vinton P Breese
Theodore Offerman"
1923There was no BEST IN SHOW award in 1923. The American Kennel Club barred interbreed competition for 1923 except in the Miscellaneous Class. Comprehensive new rules for Group & Best in Show judging were adopted effective for 1924.
1924CH. Dolf Von Dusternbrook *reported as 2nd in BIS competitionShepherd DogJosselle Kennels"Norman K Swire
Walter H Reeves"
1925War Bride of DavishillAiredale TerrierDavishill Kennels"Walter S Glynn
Theodore Offerman
Robert A Ross
Ralph C English"
This award was discontinued in 1925. Beginning in 2013, new American Kennel Club rules required the awarding of Reserve Best In Show.
2013Bugaboo’s Picture PerfectOld English SheepdogColton and Heather JohnsonMr Michael J. Dougherty
2014GCH Brighton Lakeridge EncoreStandard PoodleToni Sosnoff & Martin SosnoffMrs Betty Regina Leininger
2015GCH Cragsmoor Good Time CharlieSkye TerrierVictor Malzoni Jr. & Cragsmoor Kennels, Reg.Hon. David Merriam
2016CH Belisarius Jp My Sassy GirlBorzoiMai OzekiDr. Richard Meen
2017GCH Vermilion’s Sea BreezeIrish SetterSandra Nordstrom & Bruce & Mary FooteMr Thomas H. Bradley 3d
2018GCH Ingebar's Tynan Dances With WildflowersGiant SchnauzerSandra Nordstrom & Carol Mann & Maryann BiscegliaMrs. Betty-Anne Stenmark
2019GCHG CH Oeste's In The Name Of LoveHavaneseMary E King & Rafe H Schindler & Julie Vogel & Taffe McFaddenMr. Peter Green
2020GCHG CH Pinnacle Kentucky BourbonWhippetJustin Smithey & Dr Ken Latimer & Judy Descutner & Nancy Shaw & Cheslie SmitheyMr. Robert H. Slay
2021GCHG CH Pinnacle Kentucky BourbonWhippetJustin Smithey & Dr Ken Latimer & Judy Descutner & Nancy Shaw & Cheslie SmitheyMrs. Patricia Craige Trotter
2022GCHP Fox Canyon's I Won the War at Goldshield CGCA CGCU TKNFrench BulldogSandy Fox & Morgan Fox & Perry Payson & Alexandra VorbeckDr. Don Sturz
2023GCH CH Pequest Rum DumPekingeseDavid FitzpatrickMs. Elizabeth Sweigart
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