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historical records / conformation records

Group Records



This date is determined by Westminster Kennel Club records and is somewhat arbitrary. It does not necessarily correspond with official recognition by the AKC nor with its standing as a separate breed or variety at Westminster. Rather it is usually when that breed is first named as such in the catalog and show records.

If the breed was shown somewhat consistently in the Miscellaneous Class before 1924, that goes to establish the “Date 1st Entered.” If shown in Miscellaneous Class in 1924 or after, it is noted but did not count until regular status is granted and the breed winner is eligible for Group and BIS competition. See Miscellaneous Breeds section.


Best In Show has been awarded since 1907 (except for 1923) and Group competition has been held since 1924.

The column headings in each chart represent the number of Best In Show Awards and Group placements in each position. The year in parentheses in the “BIS” and “1” column represents the last year that this breed won BIS and the last year that it won the Group; the number in parentheses in one of the other columns represents the last year that the breed placed in the Group; if there is a year only in the “1” Group column, that means that the last time that the breed placed in the Group, it won the group. For example, a Pointer has won 3 BIS (the most recent in 1986), 14 Group 1 (most recent in 1989, 4 Group 2, 7 Group 3, and 5 Group 4 awards. The last time it placed in the Group was in 1998 with a Group 4.


The 1888 Catalog is the first in which AKC Rules are included (adopted Dec 6, 1887). From Rule 2: “Every dog entered at any show held under these rules … must be registered in the American Kennel Club Stud Book. In case a dog has not been registered previous to date of entry, owner must fill out a registration blank and forward same, with fee of 50 cents, together with show entry to the Secretary of the Show, who shall mark the dog as registered and forward blank with registration fee to the Secretary of the American Kennel Club (The above to take effect January 1st, 1888).”


Best In Show wins – 12

Most recent: Standard Poodle (2020)

Most Group wins – 31 (2020)

Standard Poodle

Most consecutive Group wins – 4

Standard Poodle (1933-1936)

Most Group placements – 65 (2023)

Standard Poodle

Most consecutive Group placements – 11

Chow Chow (1932-1942)

Current streak of Group placements – 3

French Bulldog (2021-2023)


Year in parentheses indicates the most recent year of the award.

BREED1st year
BISGrp 1stGrp 2ndGrp 3rdGrp 4th
American Eskimo Dog199600001 (2015)
Bichon Frise19742 (2018)7 (2018)78 (2017)6 (2023)
Boston Terrier189508 (1970)67 (2018)9
Bulldog18772 (1955)10 (2016)1410 (2023)10
Chinese Shar-Pei199301 (2011)4 (2021)03
Chow Chow188308 (1992)16 (2005)128 (2020)
Coton de Tulear201500000
Dalmatian187708 (2012)12 (2022)88
Finnish Spitz19890001 (1996)0
French Bulldog189704 (2023)6214
Keeshond193101 (1968)365 (2018)
Lhasa Apso193601 (1977)5 (2020)9 (2021)5
Lowchen20000001 (2012)0
Norwegian Lundehund201200000
Poodle (Miniature)19323 (2002)19 (2017)813 (2014)8
Poodle (Standard)18775 (2020)31 (2020)13 (2023)147
Schipperke189101 (2019)338 (2021)
Shiba Inu199400000
Tibetan Spaniel19850011 (2022)2 (2013)
Tibetan Terrier197401 (2005)233 (2008)
Xoloitzcuintli2012001 (2015)01 (2022)
*Boxer0001 (1935)0

* Moved to Working Group in 1936


  • The Lhasa Apso competed in the Terrier Group as a Lhasa Terrier in 1936-1955, was first called the Lhasa Apso in 1944, then moved to the Non-Sporting Group in 1956.
  • The Boxer competed in the Non-Sporting Group from 1924-1935, then was moved to the Working Group in 1936.
  • Poodles have been exhibited virtually every year at Westminster since 1877, but through the years there have been many entries in the Miscellaneous Class of dogs that were described as some kind of Poodle (Spanish, Corded, Spanish Silk, Belgium, Black, Canniche, French, French Grey, Pointer, Wool).
  • In 1912 the class for Poodles for the first time described entries as either Curly or Corded. Beginning in 1919, the breed (Variety) was called Poodles (Curly) and apparently, there would have been a separate variety called Poodles (Corded), but there were no Corded entries from 1919-1923. This is further reflected in the fact that the Non-Sporting Group had a slot for a Poodle (Corded) winner, but again, there were no Corded entries from 1924-1927. In 1928, the Variety was again called simply, Poodles.
  • In 1931, Poodles had a class for “over 20 lbs.” In 1932 was the first mention of “Miniature, under 15 inches,” as well as a class for 15″ and over. The terms Standard and Miniature first appear in the Westminster catalog in 1934. Until 1940, one dog was selected simply as “Best Poodle” and that dog advanced into the Non-Sporting Group. In 1940, Best of Variety was awarded for both a Miniature Poodle and a Standard Poodle, and again only one of them was selected to go forward into the Non-Sporting Group. In 1942, a Miniature Poodle was chosen Best Poodle for the first time. Beginning in 1943, the winner of each variety advanced into the Group.

historical records / conformation records

Group Winners

Since 1978, the winner of the Non-Sporting Group has been awarded the James F. Stebbins Trophy.
2023GCHP CH Fox Canyon's I Won the War at Goldshield CGCA CGCU TKNFrench BulldogSandy Fox & Alex Vorbeck & Alex Geremia & Felicia Cashin & M Fox & P Payson
2022GCHP CH Fox Canyon's I Won the War at Goldshield CGCA CGCU TKNFrench BulldogSandy Fox & Morgan Fox & Perry Payson & Alexandra Vorbeck
2021GCHP CH Chaselands Mathew MossFrench BulldogNancy Shaw & Chad Howard
2020GCHP CH Stone Run Afternoon TeaStandard PoodleConnie S Unger & William Lee
2019GCh. Rivendel's Barefoot BanditSchipperkeS Middlebrooks & W & T Truesdale & A Halterman
2018GCh. Belle Creek’s All I Care About Is LoveBichon FrisePatrina & Bruce Odette & Lindsay Van Keuren & Lorrie Carlton & Larry Letsche DVM
2017GCh. Danfour Avalon As IfPoodle (Miniature)Daniel Chavez & James Moses & Janet Moses
2016GCh. Imperious Hamitup Southern BellBulldogEllen Charles & Imperious & Hamitup & Hetherbull
2015GCh. Dawin Hearts On FirePoodle (Standard)Linda C. Campbell
2014GCh. Brighton Lakeridge EncorePoodle (Standard)Toni Sosnoff & Martin Sosnoff
2013GCh. Vogelflight’s Honor To PillowtalkBichon FriseE. M. Charles & M. & P. Abbott & Lori Kornfeld & Mary & Kathie Vogel
2012GCh. Spotlights RuffianDalmatianJim Lyons & Barbara Lyons
2011GCh. Vaje’s Miss Jayne HathawayChinese Shar-PeiJeff Mauk & Vicki Mauk
2010Ch. Robobull Fabelhaft Im On FireFrench BulldogMarion Hulick & S. St John & James Dalton
2009Ch. Randenn Tristar AffirmationPoodle (Standard)Toni Sosnoff & Martin Sosnoff
2008Ch. Brighton MinimotoPoodle (Standard)Cindy Coggin & Don Rochow & Zuleika Borges Torrealba
2007Ch. Brighton MinimotoPoodle (Standard)Cindy Coggin & Don Rochow & Zuleika Borges Torrealba
2006Ch. Merry Go Round Mach TenDalmatianDick Stark & Linda Stark
2005Ch. Kimik’s Bare NecessitiesTibetan TerrierMikki DeMers & Sheryl Rutledge Schultis
2004Ch. Ale Kai Mikimoto On FifthPoodle (Standard)Karen LeFrak & Wendell J. Sammet
2003Ch. Ale Kai Mikimoto On FifthPoodle (Standard)Karen LeFrak & Wendell J. Sammet
2002Ch. Surrey Spice GirlPoodle (Miniature)Ron L .Scott & Barbara Scott
2001Ch. Special Times Just RightBichon FriseC. Ruggles, E. McDonald & F. Werneck
2000Ch. Lake Cove That’s My BoyPoodle (Standard)Mrs. Alan R. Robson
1999Ch. Lake Cove That’s My BoyPoodle (Standard)Mrs. Alan R. Robson
1998Ch. Lake Cove That’s My BoyPoodle (Standard)Mrs. Alan R. Robson
1997Ch. Spotlight’s SpectacularDalmatianMrs. Alan R. Robson
1996Ch. Spotlight’s SpectacularDalmatianMrs. Alan R. Robson
1995Ch. Surrey Sweet CapsicumPoodle (Miniature)Robert A. Koeppel
1994Ch. La Marka Nini OscuraPoodle (Standard)Edward Jenner
1993Ch. Chaminade Larkshire La FitteBichon FriseLois Morrow
1992Ch. Lov-Chows Risen StarChow ChowMr. & Mrs. J. Vaudo, Mr. & Mrs. T. Lovett, M. Larizza
1991Ch. Whisperwind on a CarouselPoodle (Standard)Dr. & Mrs. Frederick Hartsock
1990Ch. Chaminade Le Blanc ChamourBichon FriseL. Morrow & C. & R. Vida
1989Ch. Ted-El Halo Jet SetterPoodle (Standard)Robert Koeppel
1988Ch. Alekai AiryPoodle (Standard)Tatiana M. Nagro
1987Ch. Devon Puff & StuffBichon FriseNancy H. Shapland
1986Ch. Devon Puff & StuffBichon FriseNancy H. Shapland
1985Ch. Fireman’s Freckled FriendDalmatianRobert & Mary Peth
1984Ch. Wah-Hu Redcloud Sugar DaddyChow ChowMary A. Vaudo & Zola Coogan
1983Ch. Lodel’s Hi Jacker of KralanBulldogNan S. Burke
1982Ch. Alcala Salutation of KareleaPoodle (Miniature)Evelina Toledo
1981Ch. JLC CritiquePoodle (Miniature)Robert A. Koeppel
1980Ch. Rimskittle RuffianPoodle (Standard)M. D. Durney & E. B. Jenner
1979Ch. JLC CritiquePoodle (Miniature)Rita Cloutier
1978Ch. Marinebull’s All The WayBulldogKarl & Joyce Dingman
1977Ch. Yojimbo OrionLhasa ApsoElaine Spaeth
1976Ch. Montmartre Supe LadPoodle (Miniature)Mrs. R. F. Tranchin
1975Ch. Mi Tus Han Su ShangChow ChowJ. C. Frederick Peddie & Herbert E. Williams
1974Ch. Dey-DelBulldogRobert B. Kullman
1973Ch. Acadia Command PerformancePoodle (Standard)Edward B Jenner & Jo Anne Sering
1972Ch. Tally Ho TiffanyPoodle (Miniature)Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dale and Edward B. Jenner
1971Ch. Tally Ho TiffanyPoodle (Miniature)Frank and Susan Dale
1970Ch. Star Q’s Brass ButtonsBoston TerrierDr. K. Eileen Hite
1969Ch. Gotschall’s Van VanChow ChowDonald Drennan and Mrs Valetta Gotschall
1968Ch. Flakkee SweepstakesKeeshondFlakkee Kennels
1967Ch. Alekai MarlainePoodle (Standard)Alekai Kennels
1966Ch. Round Table CognacPoodle (Miniature)Round Table Kennels
1965Ch. Pixiecroft SunbeamPoodle (Miniature)Mrs. Gardner Cassatt
1964Ch. Tedwin’s Top BillingPoodle (Miniature)Estate of Col. E. E. Ferguson
1963Ch. Coachman’s CallistoDalmatianPennydale Kennels
1962Ch. Crikora CommotionPoodle (Miniature)Mrs. J. Donald Duncan
1961Ch. Estid Ballet DancerPoodle (Miniature)Col. E. E. Ferguson & Estid Kennels
1960Ch. Vardona Frosty SnowmanBulldogVardona Kennels
1959Ch. Fontclair FestoonPoodle (Miniature)Dunwalke Kennels
1958Ch. Puttencove PromisePoodle (Standard)Puttencove Kennels
1957Ch. Roadcoach RoadsterDalmatianMrs. S. K. Allman, Jr.
1956Ch. Alfonco yon der Goldenen KettePoodle (Standard)Pennyworth Kennels & Clairedale Kennels
1955Ch. Kippax FearnaughtBulldogDr. J. A. Saylor
1954Kippax FearnaughtBulldogDr. J. A. Saylor
1953Ch. Blakeen Bali HaiPoodle (Standard)Puttencove Kennels
1952Ch. Ensarr GlacePoodle (Standard)Mrs. W. French Githens
1951Ch. Blakeen CristoffPoodle (Miniature)Blakeen Kennels
1950Ch. Puttencove Halla’s HugoPoodle (Standard)Puttencove Kennels
1949Ch. Swabline of Oz-DalDalmatianMrs. Blanche S. Osborne
1948Ch. Mighty Sweet RegardlessBoston TerrierClaude J. Fitzgerald
1947Ch. Mighty Sweet RegardlessBoston TerrierClaude J. Fitzgerald
1946Ch. Emperor’s AceBoston TerrierFred H. Lucas
1945Ch. Blakeen LuzonPoodle (Standard)Blakeen Kennels
1944Ch. Black MagicPoodle (Miniature)George H. Frelinghuysen
1943Ch. Pitter Patter of PiperscroftPoodle (Miniature)Mrs. P. H. B. Frelinghuysen
1942Ch. Ramoveur of CatawbaPoodle (Miniature)Mrs. P. H. B. Frelinghuysen
1941Ch. Blakeen EigerPoodle (Standard)Blakeen Kennels
1940Ch. Lie Wol Lah SonChow ChowMrs. A. V. Hallowell
1939Ch. Blakeen Jung FrauPoodle (Standard)Blakeen Kennels
1938Ch. Pillicoc RumpelstilskinPoodle (Standard)Pillicoc Kennels
1937Ch. Far Land ThundergustChow ChowMrs. Wm. MacFarland
1936Ch. Nunsoe Duc De La Terrace of BlakeenPoodle (Standard)Blakeen Kennels
1935Ch. Nunsoe Duc De La Terrace of BlakeenPoodle (Standard)Blakeen Kennels
1934Nunsoe Duc De La Terrace of BlakeenPoodle (Standard)Blakeen Kennels
1933Ch. Whippendell Poli of CarillonPoodleCarillon Kennels
1932Ch. Million Dollar Kid BootsBoston TerrierMrs. Jesse Thornton
1931Imogene VBoston TerrierWilliam Cornbill
1930Ch. Maple Spring Boddie BoyBulldogCarey W. Lindsay
1929Ch. Reigh CountBoston TerrierMrs. L. B. Daley
1928Ch. SessueBulldogWilliam E. Chetwin
1927Morningside PrinceBulldogHart Mitchell
1926Ch. Victorious of TienChow ChowMrs. H. Earl Hoover
1925Million Dollar KingBoston TerrierEma G. Fox
1924Ch. Greenacre Li Ping TowChow ChowGreenacre Kennel
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