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historical records / conformation records

Group Records



This date is determined by Westminster Kennel Club records and is somewhat arbitrary. It does not necessarily correspond with official recognition by the AKC nor with its standing as a separate breed or variety at Westminster. Rather it is usually when that breed is first named as such in the catalog and show records.

If the breed was shown somewhat consistently in the Miscellaneous Class before 1924, that goes to establish the “Date 1st Entered.” If shown in Miscellaneous Class in 1924 or after, it is noted but did not count until regular status is granted and the breed winner is eligible for Group and BIS competition. See Miscellaneous Breeds section.


Best In Show has been awarded since 1907 (except for 1923) and Group competition has been held since 1924.

The column headings in each chart represent the number of Best In Show Awards and Group placements in each position. The year in parentheses in the “BIS” and “1” column represents the last year that this breed won BIS and the last year that it won the Group; the number in parentheses in one of the other columns represents the last year that the breed placed in the Group; if there is a year only in the “1” Group column, that means that the last time that the breed placed in the Group, it won the group. For example, a Pointer has won 3 BIS (the most recent in 1986), 14 Group 1 (most recent in 1989, 4 Group 2, 7 Group 3, and 5 Group 4 awards. The last time it placed in the Group was in 1998 with a Group 4.


The 1888 Catalog is the first in which AKC Rules are included (adopted Dec 6, 1887). From Rule 2: “Every dog entered at any show held under these rules … must be registered in the American Kennel Club Stud Book. In case a dog has not been registered previous to date of entry, owner must fill out a registration blank and forward same, with fee of 50 cents, together with show entry to the Secretary of the Show, who shall mark the dog as registered and forward blank with registration fee to the Secretary of the American Kennel Club (The above to take effect January 1st, 1888).”


Best In Show wins – 12

Most recent: Pekingese (2021)

Most Group wins – 28


Most consecutive Group wins – 3

Pomeranian (1926-1928), Pekingese (2003-2005)

Most Group placements – 71 (2023)


Most consecutive Group placements – 12

Pekingese (1924-1935)

Current streak of Group placements – 3

Havanese (2019-2021)


Year in parentheses indicates the most recent year of the award.

BREED1st year
BISGrp 1stGrp 2ndGrp 3rdGrp 4th
Affenpinscher19381 (2013)2 (2013)32 (2018)5 (2020)
Biewer Terrier202100000
Brussels Griffon190205 (2009)9 (2022)711
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel1997001 (2014)11
Chihuahua (Long)19510002 (2006)0
Chihuahua (Smooth)187901 (1984)03 (2017)1
Chinese Crested1992002 (2004)00
English Toy Spaniel (B&PC)18770002 (2023)2 (2019)
English Toy Spaniel (KC&R)187700014 (2018)
Havanese200002 (2020)02 (2021)1 (2015)
Italian Greyhound187701 (1965)305 (2021)
Japanese Chin187702 (1997)03 (1993)3 (2023)
Maltese187906 (2022)7 (1998)86
Manchester Terrier (Toy)192501 (1969)024 (2006)
Miniature Pinscher193005 (2014)7 (2013)58
Papillon19061 (1999)2 (1999)016 (2011)
Pekingese19075 (2021)28 (2023)19 (2020)177
Pomeranian18861 (1988)14 (1988)20 (2021)7 (2016)4
Poodle (Toy)19002 (1961)12 (2010)1413 (2020)6
Pug18771 (1981)9 (2018)4 (2019)99
Russian Toy202200000
Shih Tzu197005 (2016)6 (2023)55 (2022)
Silky Terrier196000204 (2012)
Toy Fox Terrier200400000
Yorkshire Terrier18781 (1978)5 (1978)39 (2019)6


  • Long coat Chihuahua was first mentioned in the catalog in 1951, competing in a separate class within the breed. In 1953, it became a separate Variety and the winner advanced to the Toy Group.
  • The Japanese Chin was known as the Japanese Spaniel from 1877-1977.
  • The Maltese was known as Maltese Skye Terrier and Maltese Terrier from 1879-1917, but was always considered a Toy breed. The Terrier designation was dropped from its name in 1918.
  • The Toy Manchester Terrier was known as the Black and Tan Toy Terrier or Toy Black and Tan Terrier from 1925-1933.
  • The Miniature Pinscher was probably the dog known by several names (Reh Pinscher, Zwerg Pinscher, Toy Pinscher, Dwarf Pinscher, Deer Pinscher) with entries in the Miscellaneous Class between 1911 and 1929. In 1930, it appeared at Westminster for the first time as a Miniature Pinscher and competed in the Terrier Group, but was moved to the Toy Group in 1931.
  • The Pekingese was known as the Pekinese Spaniel from 1907-1909, and became the Pekingese in 1910.

historical records / conformation records

Group Winners

Since 2011, the winner of the Toy Group has been awarded the Hershey Kennel Bowl. A sterling silver bowl offered by Mr. Edwin M. Hershey II.
2023GCH CH Pequest Rum DumPekingeseDavid Fitzpatrick
2022GCHB Ta-Jon's Walk Of FameMalteseDragica Hunter & Tammy Simon
2021GCHG Pequest WasabiPekingeseSandra Middlebrooks & Peggy Steinman & Iris Love & D Fitzpatrick
2020GCh. Oeste's In The Name Of LoveHavaneseMary E King & Rafe H Schindler & Julie Vogel & Taffe McFadden
2019GCh. Oeste's In The Name Of LoveHavaneseMary E King & Rafe H Schindler & Julie Vogel & Taffe McFadden
2018GCh. Hill Country’s Puttin’ On The RitzPugCarolyn Koch
2017GCh. Pequest PickwickPekingeseNancy H. Shapland & David Fitzpatrick
2016GCh. Wenrick’s Don’t Stop BelievingShih TzuSharon Bilicich & Jody Garcini
2015GCh. Hallmark Jolei Rocket PowerShih TzuPatricia Hearst Shaw & Luke & Diane Ehricht
2014GCh. Marlex Classic Red GlareMiniature PinscherLeah Monte & Armando Angelbello
2013GCh. Banana Joe V Tani KazariAffenpinscherZoila Truesdale & Mieke Cooymans
2012GCh. Palacegarden MalachyPekingeseIris Love & S. Middlebrooks & D. Fitzpatrick
2011GCh. Palacegarden MalachyPekingeseIris Love & S. Middlebrooks & D. Fitzpatrick
2010Ch. Smash Jp Moon WalkPoodle (Toy)Ron Scott & Debbie Burke
2009Ch. Cilleine MasqueradeBrussels GriffonM. & E. Gregory & A. & H. Jahlelka
2008Ch. Smash Jp Win A VictoryPoodle (Toy)Ron Scott
2007Ch. Smash Jp Win A VictoryPoodle (Toy)Ron Scott
2006Ch. Kendoric’s Riversong MulroneyPugCarolyn Koch
2005Ch. Yakee If OnlyPekingeseKit Woodruff
2004Ch. Yakee Leaving Me Breathless At FranshawPekingeseJohn Shaw & Maria Francis
2003Ch. Yakee Leaving Me Breathless At FranshawPekingeseJohn Shaw & Maria Francis
2002Ch. Yarrow’s Super NovaAffenpinscherDr. & Mrs. William Truesdale
2001Ch. Charing Cross Ragtime CowboyShih TzuGilbert S. Kahn
2000Ch. Charing Cross Ragtime CowboyShih TzuGilbert S. Kahn
1999Ch. Loteki Supernatural BeingPapillonJohn Oulton
1998Ch. Dignity Of Jewelry House YokoPoodle (Toy)Kaz Hosaka & Yoko Kamiya
1997Ch. Briarhill Rock and RollJapanese ChinDiane L. Meyer & Geraldine B. Craddock
1996Ch. Loteki Supernatural BeingPapillonJohn Oulton & Lou Ann King
1995Ch. MVP of AhsPoodle (Toy)H. Euda, E. Yoshida, G. Wittmeier & N. Patton
1994Ch. Briarcourt’s Damien GablePekingeseNancy H. Shapland
1993Ch. Briarcourt’s Damien GablePekingeseNancy H. Shapland
1992Ch. Sand Island Small Kraft LiteMalteseCarol Frances Andersen
1991Ch. Trebor of Ahs Capital GainsPoodle (Toy)Gary Wittmeier
1990Ch. Wendessa Crown PrincePekingeseEdward B. Jenner
1989Ch. Rowell’s Solo Moon RisingPugLinda & John Rowell, Jr.
1988Ch. Great Elms Prince Charming IIPomeranianSkip Piazza & Oga Baker
1987Ch. Briarcourt’s Coral GablePekingeseWilliam Mackay
1986Ch. Berryhill GandalfBrussels GriffonMrs. A.R. Howard, Jr. & Cindy Reed
1985Ch. Fairview’s No NonsencePoodle (Toy)Joan R. Hartsock
1984Ch. Quachitah For Your Eyes OnlyChihuahua (Smooth)Linda George
1983Ch. Lou Wan Rebel YellShih TzuLou & Wanda Goc
1982Ch. St Aubrey Dragonora of ElsdonPekingeseAnn Snelling
1981Ch. Dhandys Favorite WoodchuckPugRobert A. Hauslohnerq
1980Ch. Ivanwold Senator SamPugMrs. Robert V. Clark, Jr.
1979Ch. Lennis’s Tar Lacy FoxfirePomeranianEdward B. Jenner
1978Ch. Cede HiggensYorkshire TerrierB. A. & C. W. Switzer
1977Ch. Scullin’s Saucy SamsonPugJ. H. Henderson & B. E. Hilton
1976Ch. Yang Kee BernardPekingeseMrs. Walter M. Jeffords, Jr. & Michael Wolf
1975Ch. Jay Mac’s Impossible DreamMiniature PinscherDorothy De Maria
1974Ch. Peeples SaharaPoodle (Toy)Robert A. Koeppel
1973Ch. Joanne-Chen’s Maya DancerMalteseMamie R. Gregory
1972Ch. Joanne-Chen’s Maya DancerMalteseMamie R. Gregory
1971Ch. Duke’s Lil Red Baron O’KalaPomeranianMrs. Joyce Graves
1970Ch. Beaupre’s Toms Joy Len ChimPekingeseConstance C Sherman
1969Ch. Renreh Lorelei of CharmaraManchester Terrier (Toy)Marie E. & Charles A. T. O’Neill
1968Ch. Dan Lee DragonseedPekingeseJohn D. Brown
1967Ch. Leader’s Little Buck-a-RooPomeranianIna F. Kniffin
1966Ch. Aennchen’s Poona DancerMalteseF. E. Oberstar & L. G. Ward
1965Ch. Flaminia of AlpineItalian GreyhoundLouis F. Russo
1964Ch. Co-Ca-He’s Aennchen Toy DancerMalteseAnne Maria Stimmler
1963Ch. Rebel Rod’s Casanova Von KurtMiniature PinscherE. W. Tipton, Jr.
1962Ch. Pixietown Seranade of HadleighPomeranianRuth Belleck & Lady Florence Conyers
1961Ch. Cappoquin Little SisterPoodle (Toy)Florence Michelson
1960Ch. Chik T’Sun of CavershamPekingeseMr. & Mrs. C. C. Venable
1959Ch. Chik T’Sun of CavershamPekingeseMr. & Mrs. C. C. Venable
1958Ch. Pugholm’s Peter Pumpkin EaterPugFrederic & Elizabeth Soderberg
1957Ch. Chik T’Sun of CavershamPekingeseMr. & Mrs. C. C. Venable
1956Ch. Wilber White SwanPoodle (Toy)Bertha Smith
1955Ch. Star Twilight of Clu-MorYorkshire TerrierMrs. L. S. Gordon, Jr. & Janet Bennett
1954Ch. Star Twilight of Clu-MorYorkshire TerrierMrs. L. S. Gordon, Jr. & Janet Bennett
1953Ch. Pugville’s Mighty JimPugPugville Kennels
1952Ch. All Celia’s Beau BrummlBrussels GriffonIris de la Torre Bueno
1951Ch. Cartlane OncePoodle (Toy)Mrs. Charles R. Fleishman
1950Ch. Cartlane OncePoodle (Toy)Mrs. Charles R. Fleishman
1949Ch. Rajah v SiegenburgMiniature PinscherMrs. William O. Bagshaw
1948Pomwin DoreenPomeranianMrs. Blossom M. Sandy
1947Ch. Little Tim StepperPomeranianMrs. V. Matta
1946Ch. Jai Son Fu of Orchard HillPekingeseMrs. Richard S. Quigley
1945Ch. Udalia’s Mei-LingPugDorothy F. Wagstaff
1944Ch. Millbarry’s Sho-ShowYorkshire TerrierVera Zorina
1943Beh TangPekingeseDorothy P Lathrop
1942Ch. Moneybox CurrencyPomeranianMrs. V. Matta
1941Ch. King Eric v KonigsbachMiniature PinscherWm. O. Bagshaw
1940Ch. Burlingame HellzapoppinBrussels GriffonRosalind Layte
1939Ch. Miss WynsumYorkshire TerrierArthur Mills
1938Kai Lo of Dah LynPekingeseJohn B. Royce
1937Tang Hao of Caversham CatawbaPekingeseMrs. James W. Austin
1936Ch. Salisburgy SensationPomeranianMrs. Andres W. Rose
1935Wonder SonPomeranianMiss E. G. Hydon
1934Wee Foo of KingswerePekingeseMrs. Ralph Boalt
1933Pierrot of HartleburgPekingeseMrs. Richard S. Quigley
1932Ch. KeurvannaTitiJapanese SpanielKeurvanna Kennels
1931Sealand CareerPomeranianRadiant Kennels
1930Fuchow Paladin of AlderbournePekingeseRay M. Cushman
1929Ch. King Pippin of GreystonesPekingeseMrs. C. Hager
1928Ch. Bogota FirebugPomeranianMiss E. G. Hydon
1927Ch. Little RajahPomeranianMrs. V. Matta
1926Glen Rose FlashawayPomeranianJoseph Greenwood
1925Sunny Mede Petite PoiluBrussels GriffonMrs. William H. Goff
1924Ch. Glen Iris Dai DreamPekingeseMrs. Sidney Franc
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